Americana Decor Color Stain

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Americana Decor Color Stain
  • Product Details

    Enhance your space with self-sealing, semi-transparent colored stains that offer durable results. Excellent resistance to water, scuffs, and fading. Ideal for application on most porous surfaces.

    Color Stain comes in 21 intermixable colors in an easy-to-use 8 oz, wide-mouth jar. One jar provides two-coat coverage on approximately 32 square feet.

    • Water-resistant
    • Lightfast pigments
    • Semi-transparent
    • Stain and sealer in one application
    • Non-toxic
    • Soap and water clean-up
    • Made in the USA
  • How to use Color Stain Paint

    Stir well. Lightly sand surface. Use a brush or soft cloth to apply in the direction of the wood-grain. Brush or wipe before dry to create even coverage. For a deeper, more opaque finish, apply additional coats. Sand smooth before final coat. Colors can be mixed to create custom shades. Cure for 7 days for use outdoors. Cleans up with soap and water.

  • Tips for Color Stain Paint

    No sealer is needed to protect the finish afterwards.

    Make sure surface is dry before applying stain.

    Fill any holes or scratches on wooden surfaces with a paintable wood filler. Let dry and sand smooth. Remove dust.

    If leaving some areas natural wood, the project will need to be sealed after staining, since the raw wood will absorb moisture.

    When using stencils, use painters' tape or stencil adhesive to secure the stencil to avoid movement during stain application. Apply stain lightly with a high-density foam roller on larger areas or a cosmetic sponge wedge or stencil brush on smaller areas. For best results and a crisp image, apply several light coats rather than one heavy coat.

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