Americana Decou-Page Papers

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Americana Decou-Page Papers
  • Product Details

    Americana Decou-Page Paper is significantly thinner than most decoupage papers currently available at retail, which means it delivers an almost seamless finish. Extremely soft, durable, pliable, and workable, this special paper weight is so simple to use. It easily wraps around corners, eliminates creases and wrinkles. Foil will not crack or peel. Design offerings are based on current trends and will give both home décor and craft projects that perfect finishing touch. Use on wood, metal, glass, fabrics, terra cotta, ceramics, resin, and more.

    • Resists tearing during application
    • Bleed resistant
    • Three coordinating pattern sheets per package
    • Each sheet measures 12"x16"
    • Eco-friendly papers are recyclable and certified to comply with FSC regulations
  • How to use Decou-Page Papers

    Cut out design elements or tear sheets into pieces. Arrange pieces on desired surface and adhere with Americana Decou-Page. Apply one or more additional coats to seal and finish

    Trim excess paper while still wet to make ragged edges. Tear paper with fingers or use a stylus to pull edges.

    Sand between dried coats for a smoother finish.

    Achieve a super-smooth finish by using a slightly dampened brush to apply the top coat of Decou-Page. Soaking papers with Decou-page will swell the fibers and may enlarge the paper.

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