Americana Premium Acrylics Metallics

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Americana Premium Acrylics Metallics
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  • Product Details

    Stretch your creative muscles by trying out this affordable artist-grade acrylic. It's a medium-bodied, satin-sheen formula created to work well on canvas. It is ideal for many surfaces, including wood, canvas, metal, leather, ceramic bisque, and paper.

    • Medium-bodied viscosity
    • Excellent coverage
    • Versatile, satin finish
    • Intermixable
    • Light-fast
    • Non-toxic
    • Soap and water clean-up
  • How to use Americana Premium Acrylics

    Create on canvas and more with this highly-pigmented, medium-viscosity, satin-sheen, artist-grade acrylic for fine art, mixed media, and more. Colors can be blended or mixed with mediums. Water-based. Lightfast.

  • Tips for Americana Premium Acrylics

    Squirt a small amount out of the tube at a time since acrylics dry so quickly.

    Masking tape applied over already-dried acrylic paint will not damage the existing paint, thus making it easier to produce a hard or sharp edge.

    Glass or high-density plastic makes a great reusable palette because acrylic paints will not cling to them, making clean-up easy.

    Typically, the shelf life for most paints is 5-7 years. If kept in a closed container under stable living temperatures, shelf life can be indefinite.

    Americana Premium can be used on surfaces such as metal as long as you use the proper medium. To paint on metal or glass, first prime with Multi-Purpose Sealer or mix it directly with the paint.

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