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DFS304-K Baby Dino  (8"x8")

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DFS304-K Baby Dino
  • Product Details

    Upstyle your fashion with DecoArt SoSoft Stencils. These adhesive stencil designs are perfectly shaped to fit areas of your garments, like jean legs and pockets, shirt collars, hemlines, and cuffs. These stencils give you creative control over your pieces and allow you to be your own fashion designer.

    • Durable, phthalate-free PVC material
    • Adhesive-backed for secure placement on garments
    • Reusable and repositionable
  • How To Use SoSoft Stencils

    Prepare the garment according to paint instructions. Make sure the garment is dry and wrinkle free.

    Place a sheet of freezer paper or cardboard between layers to prevent paint from bleeding through the fabric.

    Remove stencil from clear backing.

    Adhere the stencil securely to the surface to ensure clean edges.

    Apply paint to the surface using a dauber, stencil brush, or sponge for best results. Blot off any excess paint before applying to avoid paint bleeding under stencil edges. Use a dabbing motion to apply paint through the stencil.

    Gently wash stencil with DecoArt Multi-Purpose Cleaner or soap and water immediately after use.

    Pat dry with a paper towel. Return to the original plastic sheet.

  • Tips

    Try adding fine grit sandpaper between the backing board and the fabric, grit side up. The fine grit sandpaper will "grab" the fabric and prevent it from moving or shifting while you are stenciling.

    Don't overload a stencil brush or foam pouncer. Blot excess paint before applying to prevent paint from seeping underneath the edges of the stencil.

    Immediately peel stencil from surface to prevent paint from adhering to stencil.

    For a heavier coverage, apply two thin coats instead of one thick coat. Allow to dry between coats.

    For a non-stenciled look, connect the bridges when finished stenciling. Take a small paintbrush and dip the tip into the same color you used for the rest of the letter. Connect the pieces of the letter. This will ensure your finished project looks clean and professional.

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