2021 Color Trends: Ocean Blue

2021 Color Trends: Ocean Blue

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 30th 2021

Our color of the month for July is our most popular blue shade, ocean blue! This soothing shade is the color of the ocean on a sunny day, making it the perfect summertime color to add to your paint collection. Use this color for beach day decor, 4th of July decorations, or anything that needs a touch of the blues. Read on to learn more about this cool color!

Ocean Blue in Nature

It's no surprise this color is so popular, all you need to do is look outside and you can see ocean blue everywhere. We see this blue in the darkening sky, the calm ocean waves, or the peaks of far-off mountains. Blue is an evocative color that brings to mind so many things, what do you think of when you see this color?

A close-up of the deep ocean with gentle waves.

The peaks of mountains are bathed in blue light.Photos from Martins Cardoso and Brady Bellini on Unsplash.

But why are the ocean and sky blue? Water absorbs colors in the red part of the light spectrum, filtering them out to leave blue behind for us to see. The sky works in a similar way. When we look up at the sky we are seeing light from the sun filtered through our atmosphere where particles of gas and other matter cause the light to scatter. Since blue has a shorter wavelength than other visible colors it scatters the most, creating a clear blue sky.

Blue sky
That's also why the sky can look different at sunset or when there's heavier pollution in the air. The ocean too can change colors depending on sediments or other objects in the ocean. In general, if the water and sky are a beautiful ocean blue then it's a sign of safe water and a healthy atmosphere!

A picture of blue beach chairs on a beach facing towards the ocean.Photo from Aaron Burden.

Ocean blue is also seen in flowers, such as the captivating hydrangea.

A close-up shot of powder-blue hydrangeas lightly touched with rain.Photo by Rin Tian.

From tropical parrots to the common blue jay, lots of different animals have a blue coloring.

An ocean blue parrot is perched on a branch overlooking the rain forest.

A blue jay is sitting on the branches of a tree in winter, looking out towards the ground.Photos from Dominik Lange and Patrice Bouchard.

Blue is also what gives the antioxidant-rich blueberry its signature hue! 

A close-up of blueberries

Photo by Katherine Chase. 

As you can see blue is abundant in nature. Next time you're outside try and see where else you can spot this summery shade.

Ocean Blue on the Color Wheel

Blue is one of the three primary colors on the color wheel, meaning it cannot be made by mixing other colors. Instead, the primary colors are the source of all other colors. This means blue is an important part of any artist's toolkit, and selecting the right shade of blue is essential for mixing other colors when painting.

A color wheel with the 3 primary colors listed: blue, red, and yellow

Shades of blue starting with ocean blue as the darkest and fading into a light sky blue

In 2020 Pantone named classic blue the color of the year, citing how it represents calm, confidence, and connection. As boundless as the open sky, there are so many ways to use and celebrate this blue. Below we've listed some of our favorite ocean blue color palettes to help inspire you.

Ocean Blue Color Palettes

Looking for a fresh summery palette? Pair ocean blue with watermelon pink, bright purple, and emerald green for a colorful and bold combination. Here Ocean Blue in our SoSoft fabric paint is used to create this show-stopping placemat.

Ocean blue color palette
Keep things retro with this 70's inspired color palette. Ocean blue looks even brighter alongside grass green, mustard yellow, and light orange. Don't these colors look stunning on a jean jacket?

Yellow, green, orange, and ocean blue color palette
Keep true to blue with a 4th of July color palette! Red, white, and blue is a classic combination for a reason, it's simply gorgeous.

A 4th of JUly color palette with navy blue, ocean blue, true red, and white
Go all-natural by pairing ocean blue with sandy brown, cloud white, and a darker blue to accent. This color palette is as soothing as a day at the beach.

An ocean blue, navy blue, tan, and white color palette.
Ocean Blue DecoArt Products

Have you got a case of the blues? We have several paints that come in this deep seaside shade to help you with all of your crafts and DIY projects. Check them out below and over on our online store shop.decoart.com

A line-up of different DecoArt acrylic paint bottles in colors similar to ocean blue.

Americana® Acrylics in Ocean Blue
SoSoft® Fabric Paint in Ocean Blue
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Looking for more?

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