Apothecary Book Box

Apothecary Book Box

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 16th 2015

Steps on how to make this large mixed media apothecary book box.

Items Needed:


Using a palette knife, apply Modeling Paste / Texture paste through your chosen stencil.

Instruction Image #1

Instruction Image #2

Instruction Image #3

Allow the texture to dry thoroughly. Then paint a coat of Indian Turquoise acrylic paint over it. Continue to paint the whole book box.  

Instruction Image #4

Apply a coat of cobalt teal media fluid acrylic to the front cover.

Instruction Image #5

Apply a wash of Quinacridone Gold from the top, allowing it to run down the surface.

Instruction Image #6

Continue to apply the Quinacridone Gold until you are satisfied with how it looks then allow to dry.

Instruction Image #7

Using a soft cloth (or your finger) gently apply some metallic lustre to the raised surfaces of texture.

Instruction Image #8

Give the wooden plaque a coat of black gesso and allow it to dry.

Instruction Image #9

Apply black modeling paste through stencil and leave to dry thoroughly.  

Instruction Image #10

Instruction Image #11

When completely dry, apply a couple of coats of titanium white acrylic paint. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Instruction Image #12

This step should only be done if the modeling paste has had time to dry completely solid so perhaps leave t over night.
Using sandpaper, gently sand over the top of the plaque just enough to take off some of the white paint on the raised surfaces. This should give a bit of a worn ‘wrought iron’ look.

Instruction Image #13

To make your wrought iron look rusty, use the Quinacridone gold wash in the same way as you did the book cover.

Instruction Image #14

Apply a coat of Patina Green antiquing cream and use a soft cloth to remove excess. You can remove as much or as little as you like. Apply a protective coating of sealer or varnish to the book and the plaque.

Instruction Image #15

Now finish your book with the embellishments you chose.

Instruction Image #16