Blue Willow Inspired Charger Plates

Blue Willow Inspired Charger Plates

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 25th 2019

Everything old is new again with these easy DIY plate chargers using Americana Acrylics and Decou-Page
I've always loved the look of antique plates but I've never had the occasion to own any. It probably has something to do with being the mom of a toddler and never having a reason to host a fancy dinner party! 
Thankfully, these DIY plates are durable, doable and make every bit the statement that authentic antique chargers would make. It doesn't hurt that you made them yourself - a fact that is sure to impress all your friends.
To create these chargers you'll need two staples items from the library of DecoArt products: Decou-Page and Americana Acrylics. The Decou-Page will dry clear and give your chargers a durable finish. Just remember - Decou-Page is not intended to come in contact with food, so you'll want to use these as chargers rather than traditional plates.
 Americana Acrylic paint comes in a huge selection of colors, so you can add your own colorful edging to the project. 
Watch exactly how I assemble these chargers below: