Colorful Cardboard Configurations

Colorful Cardboard Configurations

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 22nd 2016

Transform any old piece of cardboard into a beautiful and colorful configuration!

Items Needed:


Cut Cardboard base to size 12'' x 12'' approximately.

Instruction Image #1

Cut varying widths of the different pieces of cardboard to form the frames, 1'', 1½" and 2''.

Instruction Image #2

Before assembling, use Crackle Paste with DecoArt Stencil Distressed Harlequin on the base cardboard.

Instruction Image #3

Once dry, play around with the layout and adhere with a strong glue.

Instruction Image #4

Cover the joins with paper from the cardboard and start to peel back areas to reveal the textures.

Instruction Image #5

Apply modeling paste to the frame using DecoArt French Script Stencil.

Instruction Image #6

Use Texture Sand Paste on one of the chipboard embellishments.

Instruction Image #7

Apply Texture Sand Paste and Modeling Paste through more stencils and play around with the layout on the embellishments. Adhere the layout with a strong glue.

Instruction Image #8

Roughly cover with Media White Gesso.

Instruction Image #9

Once dry, spritz with the Media Acrylic Misters, focusing the lighter colours on the embellishments.

Instruction Image #10

Focus the stronger colours on the frame.

Instruction Image #11

Also focus the stronger colours around the edge and corners of the recesses. Wipe back areas to expose the textures.

Instruction Image #12

Partially wipe back the colour from the embellishments to expose the detail and highlight with DecoArt Metallic Lustre Champagne Ice.

Instruction Image #13

The heart was covered in Crackle Paste. The wing and crown embellishments were glued in place and covered with Gesso.

Instruction Image #14