Flower Gelli® Print Canvas

Flower Gelli® Print Canvas

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 24th 2019

Gelli® printing is so much fun, and super addictive. I have done prints with everything you can think of, but I had never used plants or flowers. I have seen countless posts and videos online about how awesome it was but never tried it myself. So I thought, what better time?

I really enjoyed taking a walk with my puppies and my kiddos to find the perfect plants for printing. It is just at the end of wildflower season here in Texas, but there are still a few flowers left, including these awesome sunflower-y daisies.

Americana Premium Acrylics are perfect for Gelli® printing. They are not too thick, so they spread easily over the plate. But they are not too thin, either, so they really leave the impressions of the grooves from the leaves and petals.

I took the prints I liked the most and assembled them onto a canvas. I glued them down with matte medium, added shimmer with a gold paint wash, and added some texture with crackle glaze.

I really hope you enjoy this project, and if nothing else get some inspiration to try printing with flowers yourself!

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