Future Color Trends - Fall 2013

Future Color Trends - Fall 2013

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 6th 2013

Before we know it, these sweet summer days will be gone and the crisp evenings of fall will be upon us. Have you looked at the amazing new colors that are emerging for fall, and the beautiful patterns to go with them?

Taking center stage for Fall 2013 are gorgeous tones of rich purple, deep blue, sinful red, and luxurious green.

Dark Pine

Light Cinnamon

Admiral Blue

Berry Red

Celery Green

Spiced Pumpkin


Razzle Berry

Dioxazine Purple

Dried Basil Green

These rich and luxurious tones will be ones to take note of in your craft room supplies, and you will see them pop up in designer fashion collections as well!

In terms of patterns, our love for all things chevron is definitely staying around this fall, as are Aztec inspired prints, conversational prints {those that are extra bold and inspire conversation wherever you see them}, and symmetrical patterns such as stripes and mirror images.

So, how can you translate these beautiful colors and patterns into your home décor and DIY projects?

Here are a few ideas to inspire your creativity going into fall!

A wooden plank from Michael’s painted in a chevron pattern with Zinc, Dioxazine Purple and Dried Basil Green Americana Acrylics. Seal it with an Americana Spray Sealer and use it as a decorative board for a harvest centrepiece on your table, or even as a serving platter for entertaining guests over the fall.

Give painting on fabric a try! With Razzle Berry, Spiced Pumpkin and Admiral Blue, paint bold stripes and Aztec patterns onto half of your piece of fabric. Then, while the paint is still wet, fold it over and press firmly to create a mirror image. Unfold carefully and allow to completely dry. Pop into a black frame and hang on the wall for a piece of beautiful, trendy and bold art!

Create an oversized piece of canvas art with Light Cinnamon, Celery and Zinc by taping stripes with painters tape {washi tape also works well for this}. Alternate your colors and peel back the tape when finished.

These bold and rich tones for fall are absolutely gorgeous and you certainly will not regret incorporating them into your home décor this season!