Mixed Media Lovebirds Wall Hanging

Mixed Media Lovebirds Wall Hanging

Posted by DecoArt on May 20th 2014

This unique wall hanging, combining color, sparkle, and texture, can commemorate a wedding or anniversary.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • 3/4" flat brush
    • fine-grit sandpaper
    • #2 liner brush
    • palette knife
    • sponge pouncer
    • 12" x 12" canvas or piece of wood
    • wet wipes
    • piece of watercolor paper
    • stick
    • three 1-1/2" white paper flowers
    • black seed beads
    • four thin wood discs
    • black embroidery floss
    • embroidery needle
    • rubber stamps for "Love You" or pen and white cardstock
    • graphite pencil
    • plastic circles
    • heart template
    • bird template


    1. Spread Gesso thickly onto the canvas using a 3/4" flat brush.
    2. While Gesso is still wet, place the heart template on the center of the canvas and trace around it using the back of a paintbrush. Remove the template. Add to texture left over from the template, if desired, by tapping paintbrush like drum.
    3. While Gesso is still wet, create texture with plastic circles on the top left and bottom right sides of the canvas. (Use two different sizes of circles to add interest.) Erase extra circles by painting over them with more Gesso.
    4. Once background texture is satisfactory, allow Gesso to dry thoroughly.
    5. Using a 3/4" flat brush, paint the inside heart with a mixture of Lemon Yellow and Butter. If this combination seems too bright, add more Butter. (Save mixture for later steps.)
    6. Place drops of Bahama Blue and Indian Turquoise directly onto the canvas outside the heart. Blend and paint using a 3/4" flat brush until the remaining canvas, including the sides, is covered. (If desired, add a little water to help spread the paint.) If paint seems too bright, add a little Butter. Let dry.
    7. Paint a little of the Lemon Yellow/Butter mix from step 5 in the lower right corner and blend it well with a wet wipe or wet 3/4" flat brush. Allow to dry thoroughly.
    8. In order to expose some Gesso underneath, lightly sand the canvas in a few places inside the heart.
    9. In the small texture circles, apply a small amount of Sea Aqua. Blend with wet wipe.
    10. In the large texture circles, apply a small amount of the Lemon Yellow/Butter mix from step 5. Blend with a wet wipe.
    11. With a finger, apply a small amount of Snow White to the top left area of each large texture circle. Blend. Let dry thoroughly.
    12. Mix (1) part Drying Time Extender with (1) part Lamp Black. With a small paintbrush, apply this mix to the outside ridges of the large texture circles. Remove the excess paint with a wet wipe or paper towel.
    13. Apply the Drying Time Extender/Lamp Black mix to the edges of the canvas with a finger or foam brush.
    14. Apply various other colors to the edges of the heart and canvas to add interest.
    15. Dribble Lamp Black on the right top and left bottom corners of the canvas.
    16. Trace two bird templates onto the watercolor paper and cut out separately.
    17. Using a palette knife, apply Snow-Tex to the birds. (In order to keep the images clear, make sure that Snow-Tex is not extending over the edges of the birds.) Allow to dry completely.
    18. Paint the birds Primary Red. While the paint is still wet, blend in Cherry Red. Allow to dry thoroughly.
    19. To antique birds, use a finger or foam brush to add touches of Light Cinnamon mixed with a little water (ratio is about 2 parts paint to 1 part water) to areas on the birds. Wipe away excess paint with a wet wipe. Allow to dry thoroughly.
    20. Mix Drying Time Extender and Lamp Black 1:1. Add dimension by adding this mix to the edges of the birds. (In order to have greatest control, use a finger and wipe away the excess paint immediately with a wet wipe.)
    21. If desired, add a few light touches of Lamp Black/Drying Time Extender mix to the bird bodies. Wipe away the excess paint immediately with a wet wipe.
    22. Decide where you'd like birds and "branch" to be on the canvas. To attach the branch (stick), thread an embroidery needle with black floss. Place the stick. Starting at back of canvas, push the needle through and go around the stick once. Push the needle through canvas again so it is now in back. Repeat once. Tie a knot in back and snip off the excess thread. Repeat on the other end of the stick.
    23. Using Americana Matte Decou-Page, attach one or two of the wooden discs onto the backs of the birds near the shoulder area and on their tails so they stick out from the canvas. (This will allow the birds to sit nicely on the stick. If the stick is thick, stack the discs. If the stick is thin, only use one disc.) Allow Decou-Page to dry thoroughly.
    24. Apply Decou-Page to the wooden discs and attach the birds to the canvas. Allow to dry completely.
    25. Apply Ice Crystal to the paper flowers and glue them near the stick using Decou-Page.
    26. Place a dollop of Decou-Page to the center of each flower and sprinkle black seed beads into the wet Decou-Page. Allow to dry completely.
    27. Stamp "Love you" with stamps. Or write the words onto cardstock and use Decou-Page to adhere the words to the canvas.
    28. Apply Ice Crystal to areas on the canvas to add extra sparkle. Let dry.
    29. Seal with Americana Matte Spray Sealer and let dry.