October Color of the Month: Bronze

October Color of the Month: Bronze

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 1st 2020

Our color of the month for October is the deep rich color of bronze. The deepness of this color and it's metallic finish makes it perfect for the Fall season. A mixture of copper and tin, this rich and earthy color looks like a strong orange and is a member of the brown family.

Color Pairings

Bronze is typically used as a metallic finish in home decor projects, similar to silver and gold. It's brown tones give it a rustic warmth that plays well with a variety of colors. Try pairing bronze with rich jewel tones such as a raspberry red to accentuate the warmth, or cool blues with gray undertones to soften things up. If you're looking for pops of color, get playful with a bright orange or green. 
Bronze color paletteBronze color palette 2Bronze 1
Color History

The archeological period in which bronze was the hardest metal in widespread use is known as the Bronze Age. During the bronze age, people used bronze to create tools and sculptures until iron was discovered. The first recorded use of the word bronze as a color was in 1753, and it referred to the shiny hue of the metal.

You can view bronze items from throughout history in museums across the world. Bronze is also still used today in the production of musical instruments like bells and cymbals. Third-place medals are also commonly made with bronze, such as the third-place medals in the olympics.

Mantel clock
Bronzed dinosaur
Olympic medal
Home Decor

Currently bronze is the "it" color in interior design. The dark and luxurious color makes a wonderful decorative finish for various objects and appliances, especially in kitchens. If you're looking for the perfect blend of modern sophistication and antique elegance, try adding touches of bronze to your kitchen or living room accessories. 

Large metal wall decor
Range hoods
Bronze 2
Bronze Projects

Use bronze to add a bit of warmth into your life! This shade can be a bit heavy when used in abundance, so use it as a metallic finish on accessories or as a decorative flourish on furniture. Our Americana Decor® Matte Metallics™ in Aged Bronze is perfect for giving DIY projects that beautiful sheen.

Product Inspiration:
Bronze products
Americana Decor® Matte Metallics™ in Aged Bronze
Extreme Sheen™ in Antique Bronze
Galaxy Glitter™ in Bronze Asteroid
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Americana Decor® Metallics™ in Antique Bronze
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We've gathered up some of our favorite DecoArt projects inspired by this gorgeous metallic. We hope they inspire you to get crafty! if you're looking for more color inspiration, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. Every week we post new and creative ways to use our color of the month as well as exciting craft and DIY projects. Happy making!