Clear Coat


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Americana Decor® Specialty Products
8 oz

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  • Product Details

    Add a durable, protective top coat to home decor pieces for use outdoors. Can be used on unpainted or previously painted surfaces. Dries to a clear, eggshell finish. Specially formulated to be more durable and weather-resistant than a varnish.

  • How to use Clear Coat

    Use a brush to apply an even coat of medium over the clean, dry surface. Once dry to the touch, add an additional coat for further protection. Cure for 3 days before exposure. One jar provides two-coat coverage on approximately 42 square feet. Water-based. Cleans up with soap and water.

  • Tips for Clear Coat

    To clean a finished piece, use soap and water on a soft rag or kitchen sponge. Clean up food or drink messes as soon as possible.

    Americana Decor specialty products are water-soluble. Brushes and other tools will clean easily with soap and water.