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Perfect Crackle

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Perfect Crackle
  • Product Details

    Create the look of a fine, aged crackled finish on decorative designs and surfaces in two easy steps. Step One seals and Step Two crackles. Both steps dry clear. Can be antiqued to enhance the crackled appearance.

    Can be used on a number of surfaces such as paper mache, wood, plaster, glass, ceramic bique, terra cotta, metal, or porcelain that have been previously painted with DecoArt acrylic paints.

  • How to use Perfect Crackle
    STEP 1

    Apply Perfect Crackle Step 1 Basecoat with a soft brush. Let dry until clear.

    STEP 2

    Apply Perfect Crackle Step 2 Top Coat being careful to layer top coat and not mix with basecoat. Cracks will appear when dry.


    Allow product to dry naturally, which may take more than 24 hours. Do not force dry with heat or air. Drying time will vary depending on the thickness of application and humidity.

  • Tips for the Perfect Crackle

    Practice on a sample piece to determine your preferred crackle effect.


    To antique, apply DecoArt Gel Stains once the crackle has dried. Wipe away excess with a soft cloth.


    Apply light even coats of both steps, and do not overwork.


    Apply two to three heavy coats of Step 1. When Step 1 is completely dry, apply one coat of Step 2.

    Easy clean up with soap and water.

    Seal with Americana clear varnish or sealer for added protection.

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