Premium Water Marbling Paper (20 pc)

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Project/Art Type:
Water Marbling
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Premium Water Marbling Papers 20pc - 

Water marbling is the ancient art form of using paint on the surface of the water to create mesmerizing patterns. By putting DecoArt’s Water Marbling Magic Medium in a basin of water you can then use our Water Marbling Acrylics to create delicate and unique designs directly on the water’s surface. When you are ready to take your print, simply place a piece of Water Marbling Paper onto the surface of your tray. Once it has touched the paint on the surface you can remove the paper to reveal a beautiful and unique print!

One pack of 20 acid-free 8.5 x 11 papers specially designed with a color-locking technology to ensure crisp, clean water marbling prints. 

Learn how to print on Water Marbling Papers HERE

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