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Snow-Tex ,das9-4,das9-3,das9-22

  • Product Details

    Add the look and dimension of real snow to holiday projects with Snow-Tex. Can be tinted while wet or painted when dry.

  • How to use Snow-Tex

    Stir gently. Apply thin coats to project, allowing to dry between coats. To avoid cracking, do not apply too heavily and do not use on wearable fabrics. Can be tinted with up to 30% acrylics. Wipe rim of jar and lid before closing. Do not use for outdoor projects.

  • Tips for Snow-Tex

    Use on Christmas decorations to add snow to trees, villages, pine cones, wreaths, and greenery.

    Spread on walls and when dry, paint with Americana Acrylics for a stucco effect.

    Unclog the writer tip by removing the cap and pushing a toothpick from inside out to dislodge dried matter.

    Use a palette knife to spread onto a stencil to add texture to mixed media and art journaling projects.

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