Water Marbling Fabric and Object Surface Prep

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Project/Art Type:
Water Marbling
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Water Marbling Object Surface Prep - 

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Mix this easy to use powder with water and soak fabric or other surfaces in the solution to prep them for water marbling. This helps our Water Marbling Acrylics stick to surfaces, allowing for better transference. Use this to prep surfaces like silk scarves, canvas, fabric shoes, and more! When water marbling, no two designs will be alike, the surprise and unique quality of each design is part of the magic and mystique of this ancient art form.

SURFACE DIRECTIONS: Dissolve Marbling Surface Prep into hot water at a ratio of 1.5 tsp of surface prep to 2 cups water. Soak OR Sponge on or spray with a fine mist in two light coats. Allow the surface to dry completely between coats. Marble within 3 days. 

FABRIC DIRECTIONS: Pre-wash fabrics without softener. Dry completely. Iron if needed. In a container that allows fabric to be fully submerged and float freely (do not crowd), combine hot water and Marbling Surface Prep at a ratio of 1.5 tsp of surface prep to to 4 cups of water (2 Tbsp/gallon). Stir until completely dissolved. Place fabric into solution, releasing any trapped air bubbles. Leave the fabric to soak for 20 mins. Do not wring. Hang to drip dry. Marble when completely dry, then rinse gently in a clean water bath. Do not wring. Hang to dry. Iron with no steam to set.
Filled by weight. Clumping naturally occurs; dissolves easily.


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