Americana Decor Curb Appeal

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Americana Decor Curb Appeal
  • Product Details

    Enhance your home’s front door and other entryway decorative elements with this durable, semi-gloss finish acrylic. No sealer required and it provides excellent resistance to water, scuffs, and fading. Ideal for wood and metal doors, shutters, railings, and more. No need to prime or sand before using.

    Curb Appeal comes in 21 intermixable colors that were carefully selected to ensure your home is on-trend. It is available in a convenient 16 oz. jar that is enough for two coat coverage on approximately 48 sq. ft. This size is less wasteful and more cost effective than a full gallon of paint and it leaves just enough to do touch-ups.

    • Fast-drying for painting and closing your door the same day
    • Fade-resistant due to excellent light-fast pigments
    • No sealer required for a durable, long-lasting finish
    • Versatile, semi-gloss finish
    • Non-toxic
    • Soap and water clean-up
  • How to use Curb Appeal Paint

    Shake well. Clean surface thoroughly. Use a quality, 2” angled brush to apply paint in the direction of each panel or grain. Start with the recessed and detailed areas first. Smooth out any drips or sags. Finish with continuous brush strokes over the panel surface. Ideally, doors and other outdoor surfaces should be painted when temperatures are between 45 and 85℉. Do not paint if freezing temperatures exist. Avoid direct sunlight when painting. Allow to dry 1-2 hours between coats depending on humidity. Allow to dry 24 hours before exposing to rain. Two coat coverage on approximately 48 sq. ft. (enough to paint 2 sides of a front door). Lightfast. Fast-drying. Indoor/Outdoor. Scuff-resistant. Weather-resistant. Water-based. Soap and water clean up.

  • Tips for Curb Appeal Paint

    Painting Doors: Paint the recessed areas/panels of doors first with an angled 1-1/2 or 2" brush, then switch to a larger 3" or 4" for the rest of the door. Use brushstrokes that run parallel to wood grain.

    Painting Shutters: Lightly sand new plastic shutters before painting.

    Clean surface well before painting. Tough stains and loose paint can be removed with a power washer. Make sure surface is dry before you begin.

    Fill any holes or scratches on wood surfaces with paintable wood filler. Let dry and sand smooth. Remove dust.

    Use in an area with airflow, or use a fan to speed dry time.

    Two thin coats works better than one heavy coat. Most colors cover completely with two coats, depending on both the color of the paint and the color of the door.

    Watch for drips and immediately smooth out.

    Do not overwork the paint.

    Wipe off excess paint on bottle opening when done.

    After first coat, check back after 30-60 minutes for potential drips or runs.

    Clean stencils quickly before paint dries for easier use.

    For Most Doors: No primer or sealer is needed before painting or to protect the finish afterwards.

    For Doors with Rust: Use Metal Primer on doors with extensive rust to prevent further damage.

    For Doors with Staining: Prevent any stains from seeping through paint by first using a coat of Stain Blocker & Sealer.

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