Americana Decor Texture

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Americana Decor Texture
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  • Product Details

    Embellish furniture and home décor pieces with this smooth, dimensional acrylic paint. The heavy-bodied paint makes building texture easy and works effortlessly through a stencil. Use glitter or others accents to enhance pieces.

    • High-viscosity, heavy-bodied formula
    • Ideal for use with stencils
    • Choice of satin or metallic finish
    • Water-based
    • Soap and water clean-up
    • Made in the USA
  • How to use Americana Decor Texture

    Stir gently. Apply with a palette knife or texture tool and glide paint over the surface with long, continuous swipes. All-purpose. Water-based. Permanent. Lightfast.

  • Tips for Texture Paint

    Use a stencil to get the perfect design in just a few easy steps:

    Adhere stencil to the surface and tape off the area to be painted

    Use a palette knife to glide texture paint over the stencil using long, continuous swipes

    Carefully remove stencil and tape to reveal the textured design

    Let dry completely

    Experimenting with texture tools is a great way to create unique and interesting designs. Use a palette knife to smooth out Texture paint. A texture tool, comb, or even a plastic fork can create a variety of lined and angled designs. Using a pouncer, dauber, or stencil brush will give a bold, peaked design.

    Apply Americana Decor Texture paint with a palette knife. Smooth out or create texture. Immediately drop embellishments directly into the texture. Suggested embellishments include: glitter, large foil, small glass beads, small stones, and more.

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