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Americana Fabric Stiffener®
2 oz
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About Americana Mediums and Specialty Products -  

Americana's wide range of mediums and specialty products work together with Americana Acrylics to allow you to create a variety of special effects and perform special painting techniques.

Paint Adhesion Medium - Apply this medium to improve acrylic paint adhesion on slick surfaces like plastics, metals, wax, glass, porcelain, glazed ceramics, and more.
Drying Time Extender™ - Increase the open or working time of acrylics by mixing equal parts of this medium with the paint. It also facilitates blending to make stroke work easier.
Glazing Medium™ - Add this clear, semi-gloss medium to paint for shading and highlighting. Mix equal parts with acrylics for glazing on walls, furniture, and hard craft surfaces.
Pearlizing Medium™ - Transform regular acrylic paints into a shimmery, pearlescent paint with this medium. It can be used alone to highlight already-painted surfaces or mixed with equal parts acrylic paints.
Fabric Painting Medium™ - Create a washable, permanent paint for fabric by mixing this medium with acrylics, using two parts paint and one part medium.  It improves the bond to the fabric and helps prevent cracking, peeling, and fading.
Weathered Wood™ - Apply this medium after base coating with the color you want to appear through the cracks. Top with the final coat of paint and it will crackle as it dries to create an eggshell pattern, giving a vintage, distressed finish.
Staining/Antiquing Medium™ - Make wood stains of any color by mixing this medium in equal parts with acrylic paint. It can be also be used to help antique pre-painted projects.
Multi-Purpose™ Sealer - Seal raw wood and improve acrylic paint adhesion with this sealer. It can be used as a basecoat or mixed with paint, and works on non-porous surfaces such as metal, plastic, and glass.


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    Multi purpose sealer

    Posted by Lorraine Jones on Aug 15th 2022

    Easy to use good results.