DIY Halloween Decor

DIY Halloween Decor

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 18th 2022

October 19, 2022

DIY Halloween Decor

Follow these fun and easy project steps using a variety of DecoArt paints to create a set of DIY projects that work together to create a "Spooktacular" party spread!



Level: Easy-Intermediate

These fun DIY wall decorations are created with water - marbling. Water - marbling is the art of floating ink on top of a surface of water to create patterns, which you can then transfer to other surfaces. This artform is popping up in many places lately, but is actually hundreds of years old! If you want to try water-marbling, these Halloween decorations are greta place to begin. Remember, there are no mistakes! To begin, gather your supplies and prepare your area for water marbling.

Supply List




BLACK RIBBON (optional)

CLAMPS (optional)







STRING (optional)

TIP: Check out these informative videos about water marbling basics.


Step 1

Plan how many water marbled sheets you want to make for your DIY decorations. (A large rosette will take 10-12 prints, a medium rosette will take around 3-4 prints , and a smaller one will take 2-3 prints.

Create a variety of patterns and color combindations, to allow yourself options to choose from when creating your final pieces. The colors we reccomend for solid Halloween motif are the following: Yellow-Green, Orange, Lavender, Black, and White.

The first water- marbling technique we are going to show you is called Stones. The Stones technique is done by gently squeezing drops of the water-marbling paint onto the surface in layers. As each different color is dropped onto the water, the colors spread to create different colored rings of a circle.

The second technique we liked for creating these wall decoration is called Arches. This is a technique that involoves layering colors in lines down the center of the tray and then pulling the tip of the Water Marbling Stick in one direction, perpendicularly.

TIP: Since you are all set up, it is best to do all the water marbling at once. This is a fun activity for everyone and a great way to try many different techniques because you will need multiple different sheets for these projects.


Step 2

When you have a design that is just right, place your Water Marbling Paper on the surface. Allow the center of the paper to touch first and gently drop the edges of the paper onto the surface.

Pick the paper up by the corner and hold it gently over your tray of water to allow the excess size to drain into the tray.

Place your print into the fresh water bath face down and agitate to rinse away excess size. Again, pick the paper up by the corner and drain off the excess water and place face up on paper towels and allow to dry completely.

Once you have all of your prints made, allow them to dry completely. Iron the back of each print to flatten. Now they are ready to create all of your different decorations..


Step 3

Next, you will use the "fan folding" technique to fold up the dry marbled paper.

Once you have fan folded one piece of your paper all the way, fold it in half in the middle, and glue with hot glue. Hold until glue is cool or clamp with a clip and continue folding

Glue three “fans” together to create a rosette. Tie with string or yarn to secure.

Cut a shape and string to glue to the back to use hanger for your amazing DIY wall decorations.


Step 4

This is one of our favorite water-marbling wall decorations for Halloween, Spiderwebs! To make the spiderweb look, use Black and White Water Marbling paints and a really fun technique called Suminugashi!

Apply a base layer of white and then alternate dropping black and white into the center. Continue doing this until you are happy with your circles for a spiderweb. It took us about 15 drops of circles.

Next, use the Water Marbling Stick to create the web shape. Gently dip the stick into the water at the center of the circle design, and pull gently out from the center to create a pointed edge. Repeat this around the circle about 10 times. You will see you have now created your spiderweb design!

Using your water- marbling paper, pull your print, following the same instructions as above. Allow your paper to fully dry, then iron and allow to cool. Finally, cut around the edges of the spiderweb shape on the paper to finalise your DIY paper spiderweb decoration. Hang your spiderwebs and watch out for all the creepy crawly feelings you may suddenly get.


Step 5

For the third DIY Halloween decoration idea, we had fun making cute little pumpkin faces with water-marbling. To make these little guys, you will need Black, White, and Orange Water Marbling paints.

Apply a base layer of white and then drop orange paint into the center until you get a pumpkin shape.

Using the tip of the Water Marbling Stick, dip into the black and add stem, eyes, nose and mouth shapes. Wipe off the end of the stick and dip it into the white.

Add dots in the eyes and cute little teeth. Pull a print and rinse. Put aside to dry and iron and the cut out. Use these funny little creations to accent your Rosettes and Banners.

Isn't he cute?!



Level: Easy

These spooky eyes will keep an eye on you!

Supply List






Step 1

Paint different color circles on each pumpkin using Purple Cow, Citron Green, Jack-O-Lantern to be the iris of the “eyeball”. Allow to dry.


Step 2

Outline the iris color and paint the pupils of each eye with black. Allow all to dry.


Step 3

Using the end of the paintbrush, dip it into white and dot on highlight spots onto each eyeball.

TIP: Stack your painted Eyeball Pumpkins in an apothecary jar for an extra spooky googly eyed display!



Level: Easy

Step 1

Using a pencil, draw a ghostly face onto the treat bags.

Step 2

Paint each face with Lamp (Ebony) Black Americana Acrylics. Allow to dry and fill with yummy treats!


Paint Pour Pumpkins

Level: Easy-Intermediate

Supply List



TABLE COVER (optional)







Step 1

Choose some perfect pumpkins to pour on! We reccomend a variety of pumpkin sizes to make a fun display. Paint your pumpkins black first to really make the Ready-to-Pour Paints POP! Allow to dry.

TIP: Prepare your Fluid Art pouring paints by shaking thoroughly. Make sure to let the paints sit for atleast 60 seconds after shaking to let any air bubbles dissapate.


Step 2

Now for the fun part, paint pouring! Prep your space by putting your pumpkins on top of an upside down cup. This will allow the paint to drip off the pumpkin as your pouring it on.

Layer colors of RTP paints (Lavender, Purple Neon, Chartreuse, Green Neon, Orange, and Orange Neon) into the side of a small disposable cup. Using a clean cup each time, try different sequences of layering paints to have some variety in colors on pumpkins. Allow to dry completely.

Tip your cup of paint gently over top of your pumpkin.

You can gently move the cup in a small circle to cover the top of the entire pumpkin. Watch how the design unfolds as the paint drips around the top of the pumpkin and down the sides..

This is one of our favorite and most fun ways to decorate pumpkins! No knives or carving needed!

No tricks... just treats... Have FUN!