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DecoEARTH Premium Reclaimed Acrylics - 

Premium Because:
- Incredible Coverage
- Buttery Consistency that effortlessly flows off the brush
- Easily Mixable to Create Beautiful Custom Colors
- Gorgeous Color Palette with 27 colors
- Amazing, Durable Matte Finish

Environmentally Sustainable Because:
- Made with 70% reclaimed paint
- Transforms discarded house paint from collection sites across the country - 75 million gallons of house paint goes unused each year and headed for the waste stream.
- DecoEARTH paints finally provide artists with quality, eco-friendly paint option.
- The process of reclaiming paint requires less water, energy, and resources
- The bottle and cap are made from recycled plastic

DecoEARTH is an all-purpose, water-based premium acrylic made with reclaimed paint. The complete line averages for 70% or more recycled material. DecoEARTH’s creamy consistency makes it easy to work with a multitude of projects and allows the paint to flow off the brush smoothly. The colors are intermixable and can be used indoors or outdoors. The paint has a beautiful matte finish and covers most surfaces in one coat.

Out of the 700 million gallons of house paint purchased yearly, 75 million gallons go unused and eventually head to the waste stream. We set out to create DecoEarth Premium Reclaimed Acrylics to help reduce the amount of paint ending up in land fills around the country. DecoEARTH Reclaimed Acrylics are made up of recycled house paint that was collected by states across the United States. During the sorting process all damaged or hazardous paints are removed. Our proprietary process eliminates impurities and adds premium materials back into the paint to meet the exact specifications of a DecoArt premium product. DecoEARTH is AP certified and made in the U.S. with reclaimed paint and globally sourced materials. We are committed to our new eco-conscious journey which is why our jars and lids are also made with recycled materials. 

Directions: Shake well before using. Clean-up with soap and water.

Artist Tested Approved Surfaces: wood, walls, canvas, terra cotta, paper, styrofoam, unglazed ceramics, metal, and stone

“This paint is beautiful to paint with. Beautiful colors and they blend and mix so nicely. Nothing muddy or dirty when brush mixing and it was easy to create custom colors.” - Sandy M. artist, crafter, and teacher
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17 Reviews

  • 5
    DecoEarth paints

    Posted by Cindy Moser on Dec 19th 2023

    Wow! These cover in one coat. I have tried these on canvas, wood, and a canvas board. They are a creamy thicker paint. I particularly love the color range. These are believable colors, great to work with in landscapes. But also I just redid an old picture frame, and great to do some last minute Christmas projects with. I highly recommend these, and I love we are helping the environment.

  • 5
    Deco Earth Paints

    Posted by Ruth Green on Dec 14th 2023

    I just opened my first bottle of Deco Earth paint and tried the product on an upcycled wooden lamp base. The paint is creamy and easy to blend. It dries to this wonderful matte finish. One coat coverage was all I needed. The colors are amazing, and I am happy to know that this product is 70% reclaimed! I am excited to try these on canvas as I am learning plein air painting. To have the matte finish doing plein air is a plus.

  • 5
    Deco Earth Paint

    Posted by Tianna Hall on Dec 13th 2023

    I absolutely loved this paint! It was smooth to work with, dried at a lovely speed, fast, but not too fast that blending was difficult. Very opaque, and gorgeous colours too! I’m excited to try more colours!

  • 5
    DecoEarth Premium Reclaimed Acrylics

    Posted by Marlene Fudge on Dec 13th 2023

    I am loving these new paints from DecoArt! When I heard they were made from 70% relcaimed acrylics, I couldn't wait to try them. They are even better than I could have imagined. They have a thick and creamy texture that is so smooth. The colors are beautiful and they mix easily to make endless custom colors. I highly recommend them!

  • 5
    Super high quality!

    Posted by Nicolas on Dec 12th 2023

    I am very impressed with the quality! It feels like a premium paint, you did not sacrifice any quality by making it 70% reclaimed. I love the opacity, matte finish and that it remains somewhat flexible once dry.

  • 5
    I love this product

    Posted by Emily on Dec 12th 2023

    They blend well and seem to have better coverage than many of the other craft paints I've used. Just the right thickness, not too thick but also not at all watery. I never would have known it was recycled. I was happy to see it dried with a true matte finish because most paints that say indoor/outdoor tend to be glossy and very thick which isn't ideal for painting pictures. The way it spread was smooth and didn't build up around the brush strokes.

  • 5
    Amazing recycled paint!

    Posted by Tianna on Dec 12th 2023

    I am in love! They paint so smooth and have beautiful opacity. They blend well, and I love the quick drying process (not too fast to not be able to blend, but faster than average, it feels). The colors are also STUNNING! The matte effect is very sleek. Primarily I LOVE that they are eco friendly, as I have always struggled morally with acrylic being my GO TO medium, I now have a beautiful way to continue creating acrylic without affecting my morals.

  • 5
    DecoEarth Paints!!

    Posted by Tatiana S on Dec 12th 2023

    These paints are amazing!! The opacity is unlike any other paint I've tried and I also really enjoyed the matte finish. I thought the paint was a great consistency, blended beautifully, and had a smooth and even spread. I tested the paints out on a lot of different materials, and no matter the material, they still had a long and consistent ribbon of paint. They also didn't seep into the same materials or lose their vibrancy, unlike some of the other paints I use.

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