DIY Wing Costume Fabric Paint

DIY Wing Costume Fabric Paint

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 18th 2022

October 21, 2022

DIY Costume: Magical Wings with Fabric Paint

Do you ever wish your were a fairy, butterfly, or winged magical creature? You can use fabric paint to create your own wings and fly.

DIY Wing Costume

Level: Easy-Intermediate

Who hasn't wanted to have a flowing pair of magical wings? Paint your own moth or butterfly inspired set using SoSoft Acrylic fabric paint. This fabric paint is one of the best there is to paint almost any kind of fabric painting. There is an array of colors available, they are washing achine safe, and they are soft on fabric, making them perfect for complex fabric painting designes.

Supply List


FABRIC (silk, a lightweight cotton or muslin work)










Step 1

Measure the size of fabric needed. (Measure from wrist to wrist with arms straight out to the side to see how wide fabric needs to be as well as measure the length of desired wings from neck down. That will be the width of fabric.) Cover an area with a non-stick surface (such as a plastic table cloth or freezer paper) Affix with masking tape. Gather fabric, brushes, reference materials (pics of favorite winged friends for inspo), pencil or chalk to draw out design, SoSoft paint colors: Dark Rose, Cadmium Orange, Bright Yellow, Ocean Blue, Mediterranean Blue, Fuchsia, Dioxazine Purple, Lavender, Clear Ice, and Pearl. Feel free to substitue colors as desired! Cut fabric to measurement and tape to edges to surface. Lightly draw inpired design onto fabric using a pencil or chalk.


TIP: Pick a flowy natural fabric to give a magical ethereal look when finished!


Step 2

Working in sections, wet flat brush with water and paint onto fabric. Then, dip wet brush into paint and brush onto wet fabric area. Start with your intended base color as I have done below with orange. Continue to add Bright Yellow and allow wet paints to blend. Add even more colors such as blues and purples, continuing to fill in design.


Step 3

Using a liner or round brush, paint on Dioxazine Purple to create linework and details. Use a variety of brushes and experiment with mark making (dots, lines, circles, etc.) Keep adding more colors to the wet areas and allow them to bleed into each other. Cool things happen as the colors mix on the surface- have fun! This process is much like watercolor painting. Allow to dry.


Step 4

Add some shimmer with the Pearl SoSoft Fabric Metallics to certain areas for a beautiful finish when light hits the wings.


Step 5

Add even more eye-catching sparkle to some areas using the Clear Ice Fabric Glitters. Allow to dry. Pull fabric away from non-stick surface.


Step 6

Cut out wings. Pin onto clothing or sew/glue ribbon onto top to make into a cape.

TIP: Hang your beautiful fabric painting on a wall as a tapestry.