Fabric Gift Wrap

Fabric Gift Wrap

Posted by DecoArt on Dec 8th 2022

December 1, 2022

Fabric Gift Wrap

Create a one-of-a-kind marbled Furoshiki (re-useable wrap) by water marbling a plain scarf. This project is a perfect gift by itself, but also works perfectly to wrap up a hand-made ornament to give to someone for the holidays!

Water Marbled Furoshiki (Reusable Wrap)

Level: Easy-Intermediate

Supply List




LARGER TRAY (if needed)

SILK OR COTTON SCARF (size compatible with tray and gift box)



TIP: Check out this link for some great tips for an efficient set up of your Water Marbling area:



Want to see the demo first?
Watch the FULL VIDEO here!
Water Marbled Furoshiki


Step 1

Follow directions to mix up surface prep to prepare your fabric scarf. You will need to wash without softener and then dry. Then treat fabric with surface prep and all to dry before water marbling. Follow directions to mix size using the Magic Medium. Mix enough size to fill the tray you will be dipping your fabric in. This scarf needed to be at least 18"x18" to wrap around the box for the ornament.

TIP: Make sure your fabric fits in the tray when layed flat.


Step 2

Begin your design by creating a base color with White Water Marbling Arcylic. Pour a line down the center of the tray. Then drop "stones" of Black paint randomly over surface. Continue to alternate dropping white and black to build up layers of paint. Do this about 5-10 times for each color. Lightly blow the surface or use a Marbling Stick to move the paint around.

TIP: Have a paperclip handy to unclog any dried paint in the tip of the bottle!


Step 2

In the four corners drop red stones onto the surface. Continue to build colorful stones by adding Orange, Yellow, Green, Aquamarine, Light Blue, Lavender and Pink into the previous color's center. Repeat to the size desired.


Step 3

Hold four corners of fabric (you may need an extra set of helping hands) and allow the center to touch the surface first. Gently lay down the rest of the fabric. Lightly press on fabric to get rid of any trapped bubbles. Pull up fabric and rinse.


Step 4

Hang scarf and allow to drip dry completely. Clean off surface of size with cleaning paper to begin a new design!


Step 5

Tie up a gift in a box or by itself and make a simple gift tag using water marbled paper.

TIP: To create a variety of color combinations and different water marbling techniques. Check out this link to water marbling techniques:


Check out the Origami Christmas Ornament project on the blog. It makes a perfect matching gift to wrap up in your beautiful furoshiki!