Image Transfer Medium


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8 oz

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About Americana Decor Image Transfer Medium -  

Image Transfer Medium works on a variety of surfaces including wood, glass, plastic, fabric, and more. Copy your image using a laser printer or dry toner copier on lightweight paper. (Tip: If you are transferring letters, words, or numbers, be sure to make a reverse image so they aren’t backward when you transfer.) Once you’ve made your copy, trim the image to the size you want.

Next, using a soft brush, apply the transfer medium to the surface you want to transfer the image to, and to the front side of the paper with the image. Let both dry completely. Then apply Transfer Medium again to both the surface and the image. This time, while the Transfer medium is still wet, place your image face down on the surface. Smooth out any wrinkles gently with your hand. Let the paper dry completely, typically about 8 hours. Then use a wet sponge or spray bottle to wet the paper thoroughly. Then the fun begins! Using your finger, start rubbing the paper away by making small circles with your finger. Rub away the paper with your fingers or a soft sponge to reveal your image. Repeat the process until all the paper has been removed completely and your image is revealed.

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