Image Transfer Medium

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Image Transfer Medium
  • Product Details

    Add old-world, European, shabby chic, or vintage imagery to your furniture and home décor accents. The ideal, acid-free, clear medium for use with laser prints or copies. Transfer images to wood, glass, plastic, fabric, and more. Available in an 8 oz jar.

  • How to use Image Transfer Medium

    Reverse the image when printing if transferring words, letters, or numbers. Trim image to desired size. Apply medium with brush to the surface and front side of image. Allow to dry. Apply another coat of medium to the surface and front side of image. While wet, place image face down onto surface. Smooth out creases and air bubbles. Remove excess medium with a damp cloth. Allow to dry for 8 hours. To remove paper, brush or sponge water onto the back of the image. Let sit for 2-5 mins. Use a soft sponge or fingers to gently rub away paper layers. Let dry. Repeat wetting process until all paper has been removed. For added durability, also apply as a topcoat. Cleans up with soap and water.

  • Tips for Image Transfer Medium

    To clean a finished piece, use soap and water on a soft rag or kitchen sponge. Clean up food or drink messes as soon as possible.

    Americana Decor specialty products are water-soluble. Brushes and other tools will clean easily with soap and water.

    Do not trim your image too closely. Leaving room around the image will allow you to gently sand the edges after you transfer your image to make it blend into the background better.

    Use a brayer to smooth out the paper, always starting from the center and rolling outward.

    Allow the piece to dry thoroughly before sanding any uneven edges away.

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