Suminagashi: Home Decor

Suminagashi: Home Decor

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 2nd 2023

Feburary 8, 2023

Home Decor

Water marbling with Suminagashi brings your mind an actions into the present while inspiring your art with color, process and pattern. Follow along and make this project to enliven a plain wooden tissue box with swirls of marbled paint. This creative piece will add beautiful whimsy to any space!

Level: Easy- Intermediate

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Step 1

First make sure to make size and set up water marbling area.

TIP: Set up water marbling area to make it as accessible as possible. Check out these videos for some tip, trick and inspirations:

Want to watch the DEMO first? CLICK HERE!


Step 2

To get this Suminagashi look on wood while allowing the beautiful wood grain to show through, use Black and White Water Marbling Paints. Lightly sand wood surface and wipe away dust.

TIP: Do this in another area away from water marbling size, so you don't get dust landing on your size's surface.


Step 3

Swipe the surface of the size with a piece of the cleaning paper to remove any particles before adding paint. Add a base color of White by pouring a line paint across the center of the surface.


Step 4

Drop a 'stone" of Black Water Marbling Paint onto the surface. Once the paint is dispersed, drop a stone of White inside the black stone. Continue to add the alternating black and white colors until you build up a wide enouch pattern that will fit the side of your wooden tissue box.

TIP: Lightly blow or fan the paint on the surface to create movement in the design.


Step 5

Dip one side of the tissue box into the surface of the size to make a print. Drain off excess size. Dab corner and edges of the box with a paper towel to absorb any size that pools. Set aside on a non-stick surface to dry.


Step 6

Place cleaning paper on the surface to remove any unwanted paint and prep the surface for the next section. Repeat the above process for the remaining sides. Allow to dry completely.

TIP: Instead of cleaning off excess paint from the surface, why not pull a paper print using the Water Marbling Paper to use for future projects!


Step 7

Brush on a coat of DuraClear High Gloss Varnish to create a durable, shiny surface. Allow to dry completely.



Use Suminagashi to liven up any plain wooden home decor pieces you have!