Suminagashi Stacking Blocks

Suminagashi Stacking Blocks

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 18th 2022

October 19, 2022

Suminagashi Blocks

Create beautiful marbled designs on wood, inspired by traditional Suminagashi. These wood balancing stones are a great way to promote mindfullness.

Sumingashi Blocks

Level: Easy-Intermediate

Supply List




Unfinished wood blocks


Bowl for size (deep enough to dip wood pieces)

Brush (for optional varnish)


Project Demo


Step 1

If needed, lightly sand wooden blocks in a well ventilated area. Wipe away dust. Mix size by instructions on Magic Medium jar. Set up your water marbling area with everything accessible.


TIP: Check out DecoArt's educational YouTube video links to get some handy tips and techniques for beginning water marbling:


Step 2

Begin by pouring a line of White Water Marbling paint down the center of the water.


Step 3

Next, drop a drop of Black Water Marbling paint in the center and allow to disperse. This circle is called a "stone". Continue to drop white then black inside each stone's center to build the design.


Step 4

To get smaller stones, use DecoArt's Water Marbling Sumi Brushes. Using the brushes in this way, this technique is more like the traditional Japanese way of Suminagashi.


Step 5

Blow the surface of the paint to move into a desired design. Dip the wood block into the size, completely submerging and allowing the paint to wrap around. Allow to drain and place on a non-stick surface such as freezer paper. Allow to dry completely. Optional: paint with a varnish such as DecoArt's Soft Touch Varnish. Allow to dry.

TIP: Place your beautiful stacking blocks in a place to remind you to become present and restack to be mindful throughout your day.