Wood Reclaim

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Wood Reclaim
  • Product Details

    Smooth out cracks and gaps to create a more uniform and paintable surface over extremely rough or weathered wood with this thick acrylic coating. Wood Reclaim is specially designed for extremely weathered wood surfaces like old porches, wooden benches, porch swings, pallets, and more. It lays down a thicker film that helps to coat and fill in gaps and cracks, seal, and create a uniform finish over weathered surfaces. Available in an 16 oz jar.

  • How to use Wood Reclaim

    Stir well. Use a brush to apply 1-2 heavy coats to cover surface. Allow to cure 24 hours before finishing with Americana Decor Outdoor Living paint. One coat coverage on approximately 18 sq. ft. Indoor/Outdoor. Water-based. Permanent. Soap and water clean up.

  • Tips for Wood Reclaim

    To clean a finished piece, use soap and water on a soft rag or kitchen sponge. Clean up food or drink messes as soon as possible.

    Americana Decor specialty products are water-soluble. Brushes and other tools will clean easily with soap and water.

    For really large cracks and holes, use Wood Filler first.

    For best results, use a synthetic brush.

    For vertical surfaces: prevent drips by applying multiple, thinner coats.

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