Bold Aztec Pattern Table

Bold Aztec Pattern Table

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 20th 2016

Join DecoArt Design Team Member, Felicity Greiner, as she shows us how Americana Decor Chalky Finish, Metallics, and Satin Enamels paints can all be combined seamlessly into a trendy piece. The variation in sheens truly sets this piece apart from most furniture rescues.

Items Needed:


Gather all the needed supplies and select your favorite Chalky Finish, Satin Enamel, and Metallics colors. We used Everlasting (Chalky Finish), Classic Black (Satin Enamels), and 24K Gold (Metallics).

Instruction Image #1

With a large flat brush, paint the entire table in Everlasting (Chalky Finish).

Instruction Image #2

Sketch out the desired design with a ruler and pencil. Once you like your design, tape off one element at a time.

Instruction Image #3

Allow the paint to dry completely between each color. We painted the center element and every other arrow in 24K Gold (Metallics). Then we painted the stripe in the background Classic Black (Satin Enamels), leaving the remaining arrows and table Everlasting (Chalky Finish.

Instruction Image #4

Have you ever combined multiple Americana Decor products on one piece of furniture?

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