Coastal Colors | Beachy Coasters

Coastal Colors | Beachy Coasters

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 25th 2022

Paint it yourself! Create your own DIY beachy coasters with DecoArt's Coastal Colors Acrylic Paint Set.


  • palette or plastic plate
  • paper towels
  • - paint brush
  • medium grit sandpaper
  • wood coasters


  1. To create a perfect, beachy vibe, use DecoArt's Coastal Colors Acrylic Paint Set. The kit can be purchased now exclusively on our website! Cover your workspace and collect the paints, brushes and surfaces.
  2. Before painting, lightly sand the interior of the wood slices until smooth. Remove sanding dust with a damp paper towel.
  3. For each coaster, select five paint colors from the set. (All the colors co-ordinate perfectly.) I selected three of the blue/green shades and two of the taupe/brown tones.
  4. Pour out the colors on your palette or plate. As you paint, to keep a wet edge between the colors so they will blend together. Start by painting the outer ring with the darkest blue/green color (Ultramarine Blue in this set). Slightly overlapping the first ring of color, layer in Baby Blue.
  5. Instruction #4
  6. Next, layer in the third blue (Peacock Teal). Paint uneven rounds and add another ring towards the center.
  7. Instruction #5
  8. Add curved lines of brown paint (Dark Chocolate), blending in with the blues. Swirl in lines of Snow (Titanium) White, overlapping with previous colors.
  9. Instruction #6
  10. Repeat the steps above with the following color combinations True Blue, Bahama Blue, Baby Blue, Teal Mint, and Natural Buff. Combo 3: Ocean Blue, Peacock Teal, Dessert Sand, Bahama Blue, and Pebble. Combo 4: Peacock Teal, Bahama Blue, Teal Mint, Pebble, and Snow (Titanium) White.
  11. Instruction #7
  12. Once the paints are completely dry, you can add a coat of DuraClear High Gloss Varnish for durability.
  13. Don't forget to use our Coastal Colors Acrylic Paint Set! You can shop all of DecoArt's curated color collections now!
  14. Instruction #9