Floral and Zentagle Romantic Frame

Floral and Zentagle Romantic Frame

Posted by DecoArt on May 30th 2016

Adorn a simple frame with Multi-Surface Acrylics line work to create a unique home décor piece.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • toothpicks
    • 18/0 liner brush
    • #10/0 liner brush
    • 20/0 mini script liner brush
    • frame



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. Place the provided pattern underneath the frame's glass in desired position.
    2. Using Coffee Bean and the 10/0 liner brush, paint the heart-shaped tree in the bottom left corner.
    3. Instruction #2
    4. Using Black Tie and the 10/0 or 18/0 liner brush, paint in the line work for the circles in the bottom right corner.
    5. Instruction #3
    6. Continue painting in the design in Black Tie at the top left corner. Paint in red petals using Red Barn and a 20/0 mini script liner brush.
    7. Instruction #4
    8. Using Lipstick and the 18/0 liner brush, paint small heart shapes within the tree and scattering from the tree.
    9. Instruction #5
    10. Using Green Beret and the 18/0 liner brush, paint thick leaf edges around the first rose.
    11. Instruction #6
    12. Fill in leaves using Green Beret and a 20/0 liner brush. (Dip the brush in water; apply a dab of paint; and work the brush around so the paint on the brush is very thin. Apply to the leaf and work the brush from the middle edges, leaving visible lines and a thin coat of paint.) Paint the smaller leaves on curved lines using the 18/0 liner brush and Green Beret for the outline. Dip the brush in Green Beret and then into Apple Green to fill in the middle of the smaller leaves.
    13. Instruction #7
    14. Continue to paint the rose petals in Red Barn using the 18/0 liner brush. Continue to paint the circle designs in Black Tie using the 10/0 liner brush.
    15. Instruction #8
    16. Continue to fill in the large leaves using the 20/0 liner brush and a thin application of Green Beret.
    17. Instruction #9


    Frame Pattern