Halloween Cat Painted Rock

Halloween Cat Painted Rock

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 28th 2017

Paint a spooky cat rock for Halloween using Americana Acrylics!


    • craft paintbrushes
    • rock



    Be sure to add a DuraClear varnish if your rock is being displayed outside!

    1. Begin by using American Acrylics Bright Yellow and paint a large circle. With American Acrylics Lamp paint the edge and back, leaving the bottom of the rock unpainted where the pumpkin will be.
    2. Instruction #1
    3. To create the top of the pumpkin use Americana Acrylics Pumpkin and create three humps. Use Pumpkin in the center of the yellow circle.
    4. Instruction #2
    5. Finish pumpkin with painting its creases with American Acrylic Spiced Pumpkin. To add a little highlight mix a dot of American Acrylic Snow White with Spiced pumpkin and apply and blend in to give a look of light hitting the top of the pumpkin. Using the liner brush and American Acrylic Lamp Black paint the cat in the center.
    6. Instruction #3