Monogram Carafe and Glasses

Monogram Carafe and Glasses

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 29th 2014

Treat yourself or your guests to this monogrammed wine carafe and glasses compliments of Americana Gloss Enamels.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • rubbing alcohol
    • painter's tape
    • #6 flat brush
    • #4 round brush
    • cosmetic sponge
    • craft knife
    • stylus or toothpick
    • tracing & transfer paper



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. Clean glassware with alcohol and allow to dry.
    2. Carafe - Tape off skewed square shape with tape. Use sponge and Razzle Berry to paint inside taped area. Repeat with light coats for opaque coverage, allowing to dry between applications. Carefully remove tape.
    3. Carafe - Freehand or trace and transfer monogram of your choice inside square. Use #6 flat brush and Black to paint letter.
    4. Carafe - Use stylus and White to dot letter.
    5. Carafe - Use #6 flat brush and Festive Green to paint checks around square border.
    6. Glasses - Tape off random square sizes to fit monograms on each glass.
    7. Glasses - Use sponge to apply colors, one each, as follows: Festive Green, Calypso Blue, Razzle Berry, and Lavender. Repeat for opaque coverage, letting dry between coats. Carefully remove tape.
    8. Glasses - Freehand or trace and transfer monograms on each glass. Use #6 flat brush and Black to paint letters. Dot with White.
    9. Glasses - Use #6 flat brush to paint contrasting checks around each square.
    10. Glasses - Use sponge and Black to paint glass bases.
    11. Glasses - Use brush handle end to dot base with same color as square on each glass.