Patriotic Multi-Purpose Box

Patriotic Multi-Purpose Box

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 3rd 2015

Combine function and form in a storage box to display year-round.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • #1 liner brush
    • 1/4" angle brush
    • stylus
    • 220-grit sandpaper
    • #4 shader brush
    • tack cloth
    • 1" flat wash brush
    • 5/0 liner brush
    • #2 shader brush
    • #12 shader brush
    • 1/2" angle shader brush
    • #2 filbert brush
    • grey graphite paper
    • multi-purpose box
    • removable tape
    • 1/2" rake brush
    • #1 glaze/wash brush



    All basecoats are solid. Erase transfer lines as you go. Sand lightly between coats of paint and tack. Mask off any straight lines with the tape.

    1. LID: Base the top of the lid with Deep Midnight Blue and the sides with Lamp Black. Stencil and/or paint the stars with Antique White. Dot between the stars. Measure off and/or transfer the stitches and paint with Antique White using the #1 liner brush.
    2. Transfer the eagle head and beak with grey graphite paper. With Antique White, rake the feathers extending out from the beak and down the neck, feathering off the edge until there is a good build-up of paint.
    3. Instruction #2
    4. Pull out individual feathers on the edges. Transfer the eye and paint it and the beak with Antique Gold using 1/4” angular shader and #1 liner brushes.
    5. EYE DETAILS; Create an eyebrow by dry-brushing Warm White on top of the eye.
    6. Use the #1 liner or a brush of choice to paint a circle of Lamp Black just inside the outside edge of the eye, creating a little point toward the beak; dot the pupil.
    7. Float Lamp Black used very sparingly on the top part of the eye next to the eyebrow.
    8. Float a highlight of Warm White on the lower part of the iris next to the Lamp Black line.
    9. BEAK DETAILS: Float Burnt Umber around the outside edges using the 1/2" angular shader brush.
    10. Instruction #8
    11. Transfer and paint the beak opening and nostril with Lamp Black using the 5/0 liner brush.
    12. Paint a Warm White highlight line on the beak opening line. (This is a partial line starting at the crease.)
    13. Dry-brush Warm White in the middle center area of the upper beak using the #2 filbert brush for the highlight.
    14. Outline the beak with Lamp Black.
    15. FEATHERS: With Warm White and using the rake brush, dry-brush highlights on the top of the head and in the center middle area of the neck.
    16. Float Burnt Umber to shade on the inside of the neck and randomly next to the highlights using the tip of the 1/2" angular shader brush.
    17. Tint the feathers with Antique Gold on the inside edge of the neck going down under the beak, under the eye area, and at the neck edge. To tint, wet the rake brush in water slightly and then into Antique Gold and stroke on the palette a few times to remove a lot of the paint.
    18. Rake/wash the tints. Rake/wash a slight tint of Rookwood Red on the back of the head.
    19. Lightly float Lamp Black on the head next to the beak.
    20. Instruction #17
    21. Reinforce with a float of Deep Midnight Blue.
    22. USA LETTERING: With the #1 liner brush, stroke the bristles into the Drying Time Extender and then dress well into Antique White. Paint the lettering. Fill in the wider portions of the lettering using the #2 shader brush.
    23. BOTTOM OF THE BOX: Measure off the stripes and mask off one at a time. (The stripes are approximately 5/8” wide.) Apply one coat of either Rookwood Red or Antique White alternately to complete the stripes.
    24. Measure off and paint the stitching with Lamp Black. Float Burnt Umber vertically at all corners of the box using the #1 glaze/wash brush.
    25. FINISHING: Stain the inside of the lid and inside bottom of the box with Walnut Gel Stains following the package directions.


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