Quick & Easy Vintage Musical Note Trees

Quick & Easy Vintage Musical Note Trees

Posted by DecoArt on Nov 10th 2014

Deck the halls this holiday season with musical trees created with DecouPage Glue.


    • scissors
    • #12 flat brush
    • glue
    • papier-mâché cones
    • flat back pearls
    • cream-colored felt
    • sheet music
    • trim
    • star punch
    • pins


    1. Mix Pearlizing Medium with Light Buttermilk and paint cone with #12 flat brush. Let dry.
    2. Adhere music sheets with DecouPage using #12 flat brush by cutting long, 1" strips and adhering vertically around cone
    3. To make felt rosette, cut various-sized circles in spiral manner from outer edge in, then roll them inward and adhere sections. Add pearl to center.
    4. Punch or cut out two stars. Glue by sandwiching pin between stars and poke into bottom tip of cone.
    5. Glue trim and felt flowers onto cone.