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DecoArt Silk

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DecoArt Silk

  • Product Details

    DecoArt Silk gives projects the elegant glamor and luminous sheen of sumptuous silk. With an irresistible soft touch and rich shimmering luster, this smooth acrylic evokes a classic luxuriousness that has distinguished silk textiles for centuries. This finish adds softness and sophistication to any project.

  • How to use DecoArt Silk

    Shake well. Apply with a brush. Allow to dry between coats. For added shimmer, buff with a cloth once dry to the touch. Fully cured in 7-10 days. 8-oz bottle covers approx. 55 square feet of surface. Water-based. Permanent. Soap and water clean-up.

  • Tips for DecoArt Silk

    Silk paints are best used on a smooth surface, and rounded surfaces show more of the shimmer in the light.

    Soft oval brushes work best for a smooth finish; apply paint in one direction to minimize brush-strokes in finish.

    Use a small round brush for detailed work.

    If applying multiple coats, allow each coat to dry completely for applying the next.

    Once the final coat is dry to the touch, use a soft fabric or craft paper to buff the painted surface to further accentuate the paint's luminous shimmer.

    Silk colors are intermixable. When creating custom colors, be sure to make enough for your intended project.

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