Impasto Paint


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Impasto Paint 

DecoArt Impasto is a rich, heavy-bodied opaque paint that makes it ideal for building dimension and recreating traditional impasto techniques with a palette knife, texture tool, or brush. These heavy-bodied acrylic paints are made to hold bold strokes and texture perfect for palette knife painting. Impasto is a water-based acrylic paint that makes texture painting hassle free and offers improved drying time over oils. These 16 beautiful colors are fully intermixable and make it easy to mix and create unique color palettes. Impasto is ready to use straight from the wide-mouth 4 oz jar.

Water-based. Dries to semi-gloss finish. Dry time depends on application and substrate, but most thick applications cure in 24 hours. Please note: this is a heavy bodied acrylic paint that will settle to about 50%. 

Tested for excellence on stretched canvas, canvas boards, MDF, wood, wood panels, poster boards, mixed media paper, watercolor paper, and card stock. For heavier applications of palette knife painting and traditional impasto techniques we recommend the use of a reinforced surface or canvas.

Directions: Stir gently before use. For traditional impasto techniques or texture painting use a palette knife, brush, or other tool to create dimensional, bold work.

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