Magic Medium & Surface Prep Set

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Project/Art Type:
Water Marbling
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Magic Medium & Surface Prep Set - 

By putting DecoArt’s Water Marbling Magic Medium in a basin of water you can then use our Water Marbling Acrylics to create delicate and unique designs directly on the water’s surface. When water marbling, no two designs will be alike, the surprise and unique quality of each design is part of the magic and mystique of this ancient art form. Simply add to water and let it work it’s magic! One jar can make hundreds of pours! 

Mix the easy to use Surface Prep powder with water and soak fabric or other surfaces in the solution to prep them for water marbling. This helps our Water Marbling Acrylics stick to surfaces, allowing for better transference. Use this to prep surfaces like silk scarves, canvas, fabric shoes, and more! 

This set includes 1, 8oz bottle of Water Marbling Magic Medium and 1, 8oz bottle of Water Marbling Surface Prep