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Over The Rainbow Water Marbling Set

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Over The Rainbow Water Marbling Set

Over The Rainbow Water Marbling Set - 

Water marbling is the ancient art form of using paint on the surface of water to create mesmerizing patterns. By putting DecoArt’s Water Marbling Magic Medium in a pool of water you can then use our Water Marbling Acrylics to create delicate and unique designs directly on the water’s surface. When water marbling, no two designs will be alike, the surprise and unique quality of each design is part of the magic and mystique of this ancient art form.

Water marbling a rainbow of colors is easy with this color set. Purchase alongside our Magic Medium to start creating.

The Over The Rainbow Water Marbling Set includes 7 stunning colors of premium water marbling paint in ready-to-use 2oz bottles with an easy drip tip. Includes: Water Marbling Aquamarine, Water Marbling Blue, Water Marbling Green, Water Marbling Orange, Water Marbling Red, Water Marbling Yellow, Water Marbling Violet 

That’s not all! When you purchase the Over The Rainbow Water Marbling Set you will also receive a free gift of 2 2oz Bottles with easy drip tips so that you can mix and create your own custom water marbling paint colors!

Magic Medium is necessary to start creating. Purchase here.
Click here to learn more about water marbling!

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