Rainbow Dot Art Paint Set

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Rainbow Dot Art Paint Set - 

Create stunning rainbow dot art with this Americana Acrylic paint set! 

The Rainbow Dot Art Paint Set includes 7 Americana Acrylic colors: Hauser Light Green, Williamsburg Blue, Mulberry, Tuscan Red, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Orange, and Titanium White. The set also includes 1 (2oz) Triple Thick Gloss Glaze. 


Americana Acrylics - Our flagship brand since 1985, Americana Acrylics is a versatile acrylic art and craft paint for all levels of artists and creative explorers. Americana Acrylics was created to be the best everyday acrylic paint on the market. Our team sought to create a paint with exceptionally blendable colors and a smooth, level finish. After formulating the perfect combination of ingredients, the result was a creamy, blendable, and vibrant color collection that has stood the test of time. The blendabilty of Americana means you can create endless color variations. We started this journey in over 35 years ago, and we still test every single batch as it is mixed, bottled, and delivered to you. That's why Americana Acrylics has become the most trusted acrylic paint brand by art educators around the world. Let's create something #yourart

Available in over 200 colors.
Water-Based Acrylic Paint. Recommended Surfaces: wood, walls, canvas, terra cotta, paper, styrofoam, unglazed ceramics, metal, and stone. Not Outdoor Approved.
Finish: Matte. Body (Viscocity): Medium. Opacity: varies by color. Not Bakeable for Dishwasher Safe Finish. Average Dry Time to Touch: 20-30 minutes *may vary with temperature, humidity, etc. Colder temperatures and higher humidities tend to lengthen dry time. Dry Time to Fully Cure: 5-7 days *may vary with temperature, humidity, etc.

Directions: Shake well. Apply with your choice of brush or sponge. For solid coverage on most surfaces apply 1-2 coats. Allow to dry between coats. For fine details or line-work use a liner brush to apply Americana Acrylics. Mix with DecoArt Pouring Medium for acrylic paint pouring.

If you have any questions, we are here for you! Send us a note at decoart@decoart.com


Triple Thick Gloss Glaze - This clear high gloss glaze will deliver a  diamond clear finish on hard craft surfaces. Triple Thick is a great non-toxic, water based and makes a great epoxy resin alternative to achieve a similar look with ease. Triple Thick lives up to its name, delivering three times the thickness as other glazes in just one coat. This creates a glass like finish with depth. Dries quickly and will not crack or yellow. Allow to cure for 24 hours to ensure durability. This gloss glaze is used on hard surfaces such as rocks, wood, wicker, plaster, paper mache, resin, painted china, bisque, pre-primed metal, jewelry, and more.

Before using over a painted project, be sure your project has dried and cured completely to avoid any dragging or blurring. 


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