Rainbow Stained Glass Paint Set

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Rainbow Stained Glass Paint Set - 

Turn your everyday glass or plastic into vibrant masterpieces with DecoArt Translucent Glass Paints! Explore 11 intensely colored, intermixable shades and 2 liquid dimensional leadings, each designed to create a glossy, light-catching finish that rivals real stained and art glass.

  • Vibrant Translucence: Achieve stunning, light-catching effects that bring surfaces to life.
  • Versatile Medium: Works on glass or plastic surfaces. Also works on polystyrene, allowing for easy creation of 3D designs and cutouts.
  • Fresh and Low Odor: Enjoy a pleasant painting experience with minimal odor.
  • Mix and Match: Blend colors effortlessly to unleash your creativity and personalize your projects.
  • Easy Cleanup: Water-based formula allows for simple cleanup with soap and water.

Directions: Shake or stir gently. Clean surface with alcohol  Apply with a soft brush or glass paint brush  Use a flooding technique to lay color into areas leaded with Stained Glass Paint 3-D Liquid Leading. Do not overwork.275°F for 30 minutes.  Not for direct contact with food. Water-based  Low oder  Intermixable. Permanent. Hand wash safe finish. 

Bake: Allow to cure 4 days  Oven safe surfaces only can be placed in a cool oven. Bake at 275°F for 30 minutes. Allow to cool in the oven   

Air Dry: Allow to dry for 21 days to fully cure

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