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  • Flexible Adhesive Stencils - Flexible, adhesive-backed stencils that are ideal for both curved and flat surfaces. Great for using as a glass stencil, and also on ceramic, terra cotta, plastic, and more.
  • Mixed Media Stencils - Durable Mylar and plastic stencils available multiple sizes making them ideal for mixed media stencils, journal stencils, scrapbooking stencils, and more.
  • Durable Paperboard Stencils - Made from sturdy, cost-friendly, paperboard, these stencils are ideal for stencil craft projects or home decor projects.
  • Home Decor Stencils - Durable, premium mylar stencils for painting home decor, craft projects, and art. A variety of designs including letter stencils, number stencils, and more!
  • Fabric Stencils - Adhesive stencils that are perfect stencils for fabric painting on your DIY jeans, pockets, shirts, baby clothes, and more!
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