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Water Marbling Sumi Brush Set

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Water Marbling Sumi Brush Set

Water Marbling Sumi Brush Set - 

Sumi brushes originated with the Japanese art form of Suminagashi or “ink floating.” This ancient form of water marbling can be easily recreated with this set of two Sumi brushes. Simply use the sumi brushes to drop the DecoArt Water Marbling Paint onto the prepped water surface to start creating your own unique water marbling patterns!

Sumi Brush Care: To remove the size in the bristles of new Water Marbling Sumi brushes - use your fingers to break up the bristles while dry. Then put the brush into fresh water to remove the rest of the size. Reshape the bristle and remove any loose bristles that have fallen out during this process. To clean brushes after use- rinse cool to room temperature water, reshape bristles and remove any loose hairs. Let dry. Avoid hot water and do not leave the brushes to soak in water.

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