2021 Color Trends: Honey Brown

2021 Color Trends: Honey Brown

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 2nd 2021

Sweet enough to eat, our color of the month for September is Honey Brown! This light brown has a golden hue that reminds us of honey straight from the jar, fresh-baked cookies, and cozy fall nights spent on the couch.

Honey in a jar someone is stirring with a honey spoon.

A golden brown waffle with maple syrup being drizzled on it.
Several candles on a table next to some fall leaves all bathed in a golden lightPictures from Arwin Neil Baichoo, nabil boukala, and Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash.

Brown Color Theory

In color theory, brown is a composite color made through the combination of red, yellow, and black. Due to this brown isn't often represented on a traditional painter's color wheel. On some modern color wheels, brown may be included as a darker orange. Brown is a warm color with blue as its complement, meaning it works particularly well with teal and other blue-green shades.

A picture of the color wheel

In design, brown is used as a neutral. While it can be as dark as black, the inclusion of red and yellow tones gives brown a natural warmth that works well in the home. Due to this, brown is often used in home design to invoke a sense of coziness, rustic comfort, and belonging.

Shades of brown from light to dark

You might think of brown as dull or boring, but it is anything but! Naturally warm and earthy, brown shades can range from the lightest beige to nearly black. Toasty caramels, gorgeous chestnut reds, and golden wheat are just some of the brown shades that can be found all around us.

Caramel drizzling down into a stone bowl

A close-up look at rumpled suede fabric in a brown-red shade

A close-up of golden stalks of wheat in a field.Photos from Theo Crazzolara, Noah Kroes, and James Ahlberg on Unsplash.

Honey brown is a lighter brown shade in our Americana Acrylics line of craft paint. Similar to a soft camel or sandy brown, honey brown uses more yellow than red in it's composition giving it a wonderful honeyed glow. This brown is one of our most popular paint colors and is a valuable addition to your painting palette.

How to Use Honey Brown

Honey brown is the perfect color to cuddle up with this September! Warm enough for fall but light enough to work well with winter decor, there are so many reasons to love honey brown. We especially love it in fall landscapes or as an accent color in the living room. Honey brown's warmth is a subtle way to signal fall is here.

A honey brown throw blanket over a white chair

An acrylic sign painted in fall colors and hung over a fireplace along with some fall leaf garland for a festive look.
In the wintertime, honey brown brings to mind gingerbread cookies, hot cocoa, and soft reindeer fur. Use this color as an accent to bring some much-needed warmth to snowy vistas or other winter decor.

Snowflakes made out of clothes pins and painted soft brown and black

A white advent calendar on a wood rack above a fireplace
Honey Brown Fashion

Honey brown has been having a moment in fashion! This soft brown shade looks good on almost any skin tone and is neutral enough to be paired with a large variety of colors. Add a honey brown coat to your closet for a versatile piece you'll want to bring out year after year. Like these gorgeous trench coats found here and here.

Honey brown trench coat for women

A woman taking a selfie wearing a honey brown trench coat

If you're looking for an on-trend look, try a teddy-style fleece jacket. Warm and cute, this fluffy jacket give us all the cozy fall vibes! Doesn't this shade remind you of your favorite teddy bear?

A teddy bear fleece jacket
Honey Brown Color Trends

Honey brown works so well with some of our other 2021 color trends, like marigold, teal, and raspberry red. Try using them altogether for a vibrant fall palette featuring some of the hottest colors of the year.

A fall color scheme with the colors honey brown, marigold, raspberry red, and teal

If you're looking for more inspiration on how to use honey brown, we've created a variety of color palettes to help get you started.

Vintage Fall Color Scheme

Soft as a vintage teddy bear, honey brown is a natural complement to this subdued fall landscape. Delicate blue-gray, sage green, and golden wheat complete this vintage-inspired fall color palette. 

Honey brown fall landscape color palette. Has honey brown, light blue, sage green, and warm white

Plum Floral Color Scheme

Bring out the richness of honey brown with a decadent fall palette. Warm white, muted plum, and forest green let the golden notes of honey brown shine.

A white pumpkin with flowers sprouting out of it painted onto a wood pallet board.
Christmas Cookie Color Scheme

Christmas cookies anyone? This cheery and crisp color palette is perfect for the holidays! Snow white, Santa red, and icy blue complete this classic winter look.

A tea towel with gingerbread men painted on it
Winter Woodland Color Scheme

If traditional holiday colors aren't your style, try this winter woodland palette inspired by the forest at night. Navy blue, chocolate brown, and pale gray offer a sophisticated take on holiday decor.

Dark blue cones with woodland creatures painted on them.
Honey Brown Inspiration

Are you sweet on honey brown? Try it for yourself by pairing it with your own favorite colors, you may just find your next favorite color combination! Here we have a list of DecoArt products in this lovely brown shade, all are available now on our website shop.decoart.com.

A line-up of DecoArt paint products in the shade honey brown
DecoArt Products:

Americana® Acrylics in Honey Brown
Crafter's Acrylic in Golden Brown
SoSoft® Fabric Paint in Golden Brown
Patio Paint Outdoor® in Pinecone Brown
DecoArt® Multi-Surface Satin™ in Brown Sugar
DecoArt® Silk in Brown
DecoArt® Suede in Suede
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Honey Brown Projects

We've gathered up some of our favorite  DecoArt® projects inspired by honey brown. If you're looking for more color inspiration, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. Every week we post new and creative ways to use our color of the month as well as exciting craft and DIY projects. Happy making!