10 Tips for Using Chalky Finish Paint

10 Tips for Using Chalky Finish Paint

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 9th 2014

Our design department has been working with our new Chalky Finish paint since it first started being developed in our labs. Through all that usage, they came up with some tips to share with you today to make your experience with Chalky Finish even better! 

  1. To achieve a smooth finish, use a high quality flat brush to apply paint.

  2. To achieve an eggshell (slightly textured) finish, use a high density foam roller to apply paint.

  3. To achieve a more textured surface, use natural bristle brushes, like inexpensive chip brushes to apply paint.

  4. When buffing Chalky Finish Paint or Crème Wax, use a white or light colored cloth. Dark color cloths may discolor the finish.

  5. When layering colors you can use petroleum jelly, paraffin or candle wax as a resist between paint colors. When top color is dry, paint can easily be removed by rubbing gently with sandpaper in areas where the resist is used. The colors underneath will show beautifully.

  6. When painting items with dimensional or textured details, use the wax brush or stencil brushes to work paint into the crevices.

  7. When waxing large surfaces, work in sections for best results.

  8. To achieve a tone-on-tone stencil design, mix a little white into the basecoat color to lighten the color slightly. Use the mix for stenciling.

  9. To make a glaze, mix Chalky Finish Paint into the Clear Crème Wax. Apply as you normally would apply the wax. Buff for a satiny sheen or leave as is for a more matte finish.

  10. You can create your own custom colors by mixing Chalky Finish Paints together. However, only mix a small amount to achieve the color you want at first. Keep track of the ratios so you can mix a larger quantity for your project. Make sure to mix enough for your project. Label any leftovers in a jar, making sure to write the ratios and colors on a label in case you need to mix more. Here are some examples to get you started!

For more project ideas, tips and where to buy information, visit decoart.com/chalkyfinish.