14 Genius Garage Organization Hacks

14 Genius Garage Organization Hacks

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 9th 2016

After having the kids home all summer, I always start to get an itch to purge, organize, and straighten pretty much the entire house about now. And I mean the ENTIRE house, including the garage. All summer long there are baseball bats, soccer balls, swim toys, and so much more just being tossed about all over the place. Not to mention all the other supplies my husband and I keep in there. It can become quite a mess! I love good storage ideas as much as the next person, but this collection of garage organization hacks border on genius! I can't wait to implement some of them into my home.

Ball storage 
I think sports balls are one of the hardest things to store! But this idea is just brilliant. They are tucked away but can easily be gotten back out, even if you need the one on the bottom! Ball Corral at The Family Handyman

Cheap easy storage 
Talk about a great upcycle! This little hack won't cost you a dime and is great storage for small items that are kept in the garage. Easy Small Part Storage from Popular Woodworking

Garden tool storage 
I'm always impressed with the ideas people come up with to use PVC pipe. This is a great one for keeping garden tools in order! Garden Tool Storage from Ashbee Design

Magnetic strip 
I never would have thought to use a kitchen magnet strip in the garage, but it's great way to keep up with and store small bits for the drill. Magnetic Strip Bits from Better Homes and Gardens

Recycle bin storage 
I think more people would recycle if the bins didn't take up so much valuable space. This idea of building the storage up is great and saves space for other things. Recycle Bin Storage from The Family Handyman

Screwdriver storage 
Screwdrivers can be difficult to keep organized. Keep them nice and straight and easy to see in a custom shelf. DIY Screwdriver Storage from Fresh Crush

Mobile lumber rack

DIYers can end up with a lot of loose wood from creating projects. If you're looking for a good way to store it, this looks perfect. You can organize by size and it's mobile! Mobile Lumber Rack from Addicted 2 DIY

Modular pegboard storage

This stacked pegboard storage is a huge spacesaver and makes finding tools so easy! Modular Pegboard Storage from Woodsmith Tips

DIY work bench 
DIYing a workbench is a great idea. Making it mobile is borderline genius! DIY Mobile Workbench from Shanty 2 Chic

Before and after shoe pegs 
This is most certainly something I could use in my own home. How do little ones collect SO many shoes? This is an easy way to keep them straight and kids can easily put them away. Shoe Peg Organization from Sawdust Girl

Folding chairs organization

Folding chairs are one of the worst things to store. Stack them against a wall and they are constantly at risk of falling over. Storing them on a wall prevents this risk AND frees up the floor space! Hanging Folding Chairs from House-Organization

Garage door storage 
Normally the area above the garage door is a complete waste of space, but add a few shelves and suddenly you have a lot of extra storage!  Garage Door Storage from Jay's Custom Creations

Bucket hose storage 
A sideways bucket drilled into the wall is a great idea to store a garden hose. Nozzles and sprinkles can be stored inside the bucket for easy access. Bucket Hose Storage from Martha Stewart

fishing rod storage 
I searched and searched for the original source of this photo, but it looks like it was originally uploaded straight to Pinterest. However, it is TOO good of an idea not to share! This fishing rod storage is so smart and SO inexpensive! Just nail a pool noodle to the wall and cut slits to slip the rods into.