2021 Color Trends: Gentle Heather

2021 Color Trends: Gentle Heather

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 20th 2021

Our color of the month for June is one of our new Americana Acrylics colors for 2021, Gentle Heather. This natural and romantic color is a delicate shade similar to lavender or blush pink. Gentle Heather is a neutral color with a pink/purple cast that gives it an ephemeral quality. You can see this shade most often in the sky during sunset or dotting the heathlands of Europe as the heather flower.

An upward view of the sky during a sunset. The sky is cloudy and filled with pinks and yellow sunlight.
See photo from eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash.

A snowy mountaintop in the distance during dusk, the sky is a gorgeous lavender color.See photo from Jade Stephens on Unsplash.

A photo of the ocean, half in and half out of the water. The sun is setting overhead and filling the sky with pink light.

The sun sets over the holden gate bridge, the pink sky contrasts against the cool blue water and red bridge.See photo from Utsav Shah on Unsplash.

Heather in Fashion

You've probably seen the term "heather" used in reference to a cozy sweatshirt or other fabric. Heather refers to a soft, muted color caused by blending different fibers into one yarn. Often this will be a darker color, such as a gray, mixed with a white. Our shade of gentle heather is similar to a heather pink often seen in soft sweaters and springtime fashion.

A woman stands facing forward wearing a fuzzy pink heather sweatshirt
Sweater from @kheling on Poshmark.

A woman wearing a light pink sweater holds a mason jar with a pink fruit smoothie in itPhoto from Ian Dooley on Unsplash.

Heather in Nature

Heather is also a type of evergreen shrub with delicate purple blossoms. It is the dominant plant in most heathland and moorland in Europe, which can make for a stunning display when blooming. Heaths are widespread worldwide but are disappearing, you can find heather now in nature reserves and smaller pockets across Europe, Australia, Africa, and some parts of California and South America.

These gorgeous blooms are a definite inspiration behind the many shades of heather you'll see in fashion, home decor, and art.

Pink and purple blossoms cover a heather shrub on the snowy ground.
See photo from Luiza Sayfullina on Unsplash.

A pink field of heatherSee photo from Bartosz Kwitkowski on Unsplash.

A file of purple heather blossoms cover shrubs that fill a heathland field.
See photo from Vaiva Deksnyte on Unsplash.

Heather Pink Color Schemes

Gentle heather is a delicate color that can easily add a feminine touch to any room or soften up a color scheme. Below we have some color combinations using gentle heather to help inspire you.

Brighten up Heather Pink

Due to its muted tone, gentle heather works well when alongside shades that can brighten it and bring it its rosy pink tones. Try using a sunny yellow, bright teal, or coral pink to breathe life into this humble shade.

A color scheme using heather pink

A color scheme using heather pink
Pastel Color Schemes

If you like to keep things light, try embracing the demure side of gentle heather by pairing it with other pastel hues.

A color scheme using heather pink
The reduced vibrancy of these colors lets you use several colors without overwhelming the eye. Even a rainbow can look soft and delicate!

A color scheme using heather pink

New Americana Acrylic Paint Colors for 2021

Every year we release new colors for our Americana Acrylics based on upcoming color trends and feedback from makers! You can buy all of our new 2021 colors now at shop.decoart.com
A list of all of the new americana acrylics colors for 2021
Heather Pink DecoArt Products

While Gentle Heather is a color unique to our Americana Acrylics, we have several similar colors in our other lines of acrylic paints. If you're looking for a soft and romantic paint for one of your projects check out these colors below.

A line of different DecoArt acrylic paints in pastel pinks and purples
Americana® Acrylics French Mauve
Americana® Acrylics Blush Pink
Americana® Acrylics Baby Pink
Americana® Pearls Baby Pink
Americana Decor® Chalky Finish® Innocence
Gloss Enamels® Purple Cow
Crafter's Acrylics® Light Heather
Americana® Acrylics in Purple Petal
Americana® Multi-Surface Satin® in Orchid Blossom

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