2021 Color Trends: Raspberry Red

2021 Color Trends: Raspberry Red

Posted by DecoArt on Feb 5th 2021

Romantic, decadent, and passionate. Raspberry is a gorgeous color perfect for the month of February! Closer to a pink than a true red, this sultry berry shade is equal parts fresh and sophisticated. This bold color has a "grown-up" feel that makes it popular as an interior design choice. Try using our Americana® Acrylics shades in razzle berry, berry red, and berry cobbler if you want to experiment with this bold shade, and read on to learn about all the ways raspberry can add a little romance into your life!

A white bowl is filled with juicy red raspberries

Raspberry Color Schemes

This vibrant color can feel tricky to work with since its boldness can overwhelm certain color palettes. As a general rule cooler shades and neutrals can tone down this warm color and play up its softer side. Below we've created a few color schemes to show how to utilize this trendy shade.

Split-Complementary Color Scheme

On the color wheel, green is complementary to red, meaning they are directly across from one another. This split-complementary color scheme uses the colors adjacent to raspberry's direct complement, a shade of blue and green. A split-complementary color scheme tends to be well-balanced and harmonious, making this an easy pairing that works well.

A raspberry red, green, and blue color scheme

Monochromatic Color Scheme

A monochromatic color scheme features one color in different values from darker to lighter. This subtle color scheme helps play up its romantic side of this lush pink. (Perfect for Valentine's Day decor!)

A color scheme of a bright raspberry pink fading to a soft petal pink
Bold Jewel Tones

Let out raspberry's wild side with this rich and daring combination! Equally bold jewel tones alongside black accents make for a dark and sensuous palette.

Raspberry red and bright jewel tones
Art History of Red and Pink

Did you know that the word pink didn't enter the English language as a noun until the 17th century? Pink has always been a color of shifting meanings throughout all of human history- from the high octane fuschia of 1960's pop art to the soft rose gold that came to define a generation. Pink may be seen as red's softer, innocent counterpart, but both colors are used in paintings to represent romance, drama, and passion.

Photos from Google Arts and Culture.

A painting of young ballerinas in pink and red tutus

An oil painting of the Duchess of Elchingen, she's wearing a red gown and faces the camera with a slight smile
A painting of Queen Elizabeth from when she was a Princess. She wear a pink-ish red gown with gold detailing

A building in Versailles with raspberry red damask walls that are elaborate and ornate i
Product Inspiration

Try our Americana® Acrylics shades razzle berry, berry red, and berry cobbler for a bit of raspberry romance! There are plenty of other berry shades to choose from in our various lines of acrylic paints if you can't get enough of this luscious shade. You can find these colors and more at our website shop.decoart.com

A selection of DecoArt acrylic paints in berry shades ranging from light to dark

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