2021 Color Trends: Spiced Pumpkin

2021 Color Trends: Spiced Pumpkin

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 7th 2021

As sweet as pumpkin pie but as spicy as its signature latte, our color of the month for October is spiced pumpkin! This warm and inviting orange is a quintessential part of any fall color palette. Use it to add a touch of fall magic to your home decor, wear it the next time you're out at the orchard, or use it to create the perfect pumpkin painting. Spiced pumpkin is the fall color you'll want to add to your collection this year.

A picture of a latte in a white cup, the latte foam is shaped like a cute ghost.

Photo by Toa Heftiba.

Orange in Nature

Spiced pumpkin is a vibrant orange color with just a touch more yellow to give it a lovely autumnal glow. This seasonal favorite is one of the many colors you'll see painted onto fall landscapes or in fall decorations. Walk outside and you'll see fallen leaves, mums, marigolds, and just-ripe pumpkins all sporting this beautiful orange hue.

A wooden table sits outside overflowing with orange mums and stalks of indian corn in various warm fall colors.

A front step has red brick steps with bright orange pumpkins in various sizes placed all over it in a cascade.

Photos by Alisa Anton and Erica Marsland Huynh.

The natural beauty of changing leaves is one of the many reasons we love fall for color inspiration. 

A look at a mountainside in fall, the trees are all warm orange, brown, and red shades.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger.

Orange Color Theory

In color theory, orange is considered a secondary color. Secondary colors are made when two of the primary colors on the color wheel are mixed together. In the case of orange, that is red and yellow. To learn more about the color wheel and color theory, check out our blog here.

A color wheel showing the secondary colors

Spiced pumpkin is a yellow-orange shade, which makes it a tertiary color. A tertiary color is made when you mix equal parts of a secondary and primary color together. With spiced pumpkin, the extra dose of yellow is mixed together with orange. This gives this color its uniquely bright and vibrant look.
A color wheel showing the tertiary colors

Across from spiced pumpkin on the color wheel is bright blue. This complementary color can be paired with spiced pumpkin for maximum contrast and truly gorgeous looks. Think of a field of pumpkins under a clear blue sky!

While this orange is a welcome addition to fall color palettes, its charm doesn't end there. We've come up with some other great color schemes to help inspire you.

Orange Color Palettes

This floral pumpkin painting is one of our fall favorites! Try using spiced pumpkin as an accent color alongside blue-green, rosy pink, and white for a bright bohemian vibe.

A painting of a white pumpkin with colorful flowers painted on the top. A color palette features orange, burgundy, teal, and white.
Spiced pumpkin adds a warm glow to these modern designer pumpkins. Blush pink, plum purple, and rose gold accents complete this lush fall color palette.

5 pumpkins are painted in warm fall colors and placed on a fireplace. Underneath is a color palette with orange, blush pink, muted plum purple, and a gray-toned raspberry.
Are bright colors more your style? Teal, bright yellow, and pink add a punchy vintage vibe to warm orange.

Wood slices are painted with vintage looking thermoses in fall colors. Beneath this is a color palette with orange, dark teal, lime green, and pink.

This orange is gorgeous enough to be the star of the party! Accent it with olive green, crisp white, and soft brown for a classic and clean fall look.

Orange mums are in orange and white pots placed on a dining table. Underneath is a color palette with orange, olive green, white, and soft brown.

How to Use Orange in Home Decor

If you're looking to add warmth to your home, orange is a great color choice. Orange is the happy medium between bold red and bright yellow. Consider painting an orange accent wall to add some color to your living room or dining room. Gathering spaces in your home are the perfect place for warm and inviting colors like orange.

A living room is reflected in an oval mirror. The room has an orange accent wall and modern wooden furniture.

A TV is against an orange accent wall.

Photos by Beazy and Matt Wildbore.

If you aren't ready to commit to an orange wall just yet, consider orange accent furniture. This color is interesting enough to be a statement piece all on its own. Plants, wood furniture, and simple white walls look dressed up with orange accents.

Orange arm chairs sit in a white wood-paneled room.

A green couch sports green and orange accents.Photos by Andrea Davis and DESIGNECOLOGIST.

Spiced Pumpkin Inspiration

Are you craving more pumpkin spice? Try it for yourself by pairing it with your own favorite colors, you may just find your new favorite color combination! Here we have a list of DecoArt® products in this lively orange, all are available now on our website shop.decoart.com.

A line-up of DecoArt acrylic paint products in shades of spiced pumpkin orange.

DecoArt Products:

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Spiced Pumpkin Projects

We've gathered up some of our favorite  DecoArt® projects inspired by spiced pumpkin. If you're looking for more color inspiration, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. Every week we post new and creative ways to use our color of the month as well as exciting craft and DIY projects. Happy making!