A Basket with Heart

A Basket with Heart

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 6th 2016

From rolled-up washcloths in the bathroom, to forks and spoons in the kitchen, this basket can handle them with heart.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • tracing paper
    • transfer paper
    • #1 liner brush
    • stylus
    • fabric scraps
    • black permanent pen
    • 3/4" soft mop brush
    • flat brushes
    • metal basket


    1. Basecoat the basket inside and out with Primer & Sealer. Let dry.
    2. Base the entire basket with Camel. Dry well.
    3. Shade all edges on all sides of the basket with a side-load of Dark Chocolate. While still wet, use the mop brush to soften. Let dry completely.
    4. Transfer the pattern to the basket.
    5. The heart is based with Antique Rose. (Give it two coats.) Shade the pointy part of the heart with a large, wide brush and Deep Burgundy. Soften it with the mop brush while still damp.
    6. Highlight the round parts of heart with Bright Salmon.
    7. The line-work is a 1:1 mix of Bright Salmon and Warm White.
    8. The vine and leaves are done with Desert Cactus. Use a liner brush for the vine and a small flat brush for the leaves.
    9. Shade the leaves and vines with Plantation Pine.
    10. Highlight the leaves with a 1:1 mix of Desert Cactus and Warm White.
    11. The background dots are thin Antique Rose, dotted in with the handle end of the brush. Let dry completely.
    12. The fine line-work is done with the permanent black pen. Use double wiggly lines to outline the heart and for the letters. Let dry completely.
    13. Spray with Matte Spray Finish to set the pen-work. Let dry.
    14. Varnish with several coats of Soft-Touch Varnish.
    15. Wrap the basket handle with a fabric scrap of your choice and tie it into a knot or bow.


    Heart And Leaves Pattern